Recent colposcopy and pain

Hi, I’ve not posted before so sorry if I’m not in the right place etc. I had a colposcopy on Wednesday last week (18th) and have had cramping like bad period pains sine the day after. The discharge/spotting stopped the next day but has started again heavier today and more bad cramping. As soon as ibuprofen wears off I feel pretty rotten. I can’t work out if the colposcopy has made my period early (im due next Wednesday but am never early, often late). I’ve read the info they gave me and looked on the site here and pain for a couple of days seems normal. I can’t really remember what the Dr said to me - my gp gave me diazepam for the procedure as I was so anxious (history of abuse makes all this very difficult). I was in the middle of moving when I had my hospital appt so have not really been able to take it easy. Does this all sound normal?

Hi quietone

this forum is the best place to be to chat to others I have found it my private haven.

period pain is quite normal just keep an eye on the bleeding and any clots.

I had my Lletzs & biopsy's 2 weeks ago and on day 10 started heavy bleeding but to the point no sanitary towel no matter how thick would hold it for more than 10/15 mins with big clots.

I thought this was normal little did I know I had an infection causing a haemorrhage. It slowed down next day but came back on sat with a a vengeance so was admitted stayed in over night so they could administer antibiotics through a drip

happy to say I'm now home and feeling better bleeding has slowed down to a normal period flow.

trust your gut and if in doubt call the colposcopy clinic to speak to someone.

Take care 

Mel xx

Thank you. Gosh sounds like you've had a rotten time :-/ hope you are feeling better. 

Pain still bad but bleeding stoped again, so not early period. Will keep an eye out for more clots.

Take care

Feeling quite sorry for myself. Pain worse today and feeling quite unwell now. Been throwing up the last hour or so - don't know if this is related or just unfortunate coincidence. Bleeding still stopped though.

GP thinks I've an infection so penicillin started today. Hopefully will start to feel a bit better.

Thank god for lovely GP. Feeling a lot better.