Recent colposcopy after HR-HPV and low grade dyskaryosis

So i had a smear 12 months ago that showed hrhpv but no abnormal cells, i went in just before christmas for the repeat and was suprised when i received hrhpv and low grade dyskaryosis abnormal cells… i was invited for colposcopy the consultant pointed out that i had good cells from the inside of my cervix growing on the outside, this is common and does not relate to cervical cancer but can make you more susceptible to hpv infections… any way along with this he pointed out low grade cell changes then he remarked that there was an area that was more lets say “concerning” as i can’t remember his words he then took puch biopsies from this area but unlike everything else did not tell me what he thought it was… im now waiting on thise results… but i had noticed prior to going and still have a obturator lymph node on the left side of my groin that is slightly raised and hard which isnt on the right side… i am thinking i should have mentioned this as i havent mentioned it to anyone…and now i am really paranoid… i am sure i am over thinking …but… its in the back of my mind …hoping for quick turn around of biopsies to put my mind at ease.