Received Outpatient Appointment but no results yet

Hi all,

I had surgery last week - cone Bioposy and hysterscopy - and today received an outpatient appointment for January in the post BUT no results yet.

I've called my GP and they haven't received any results either, and tried calling the hospital but I've been passed from pillar to post and keep being told that I'm not speaking to the right department. I've got a phone number for what should be the correct department but no-one is answering at the moment.


My dad seems to think that I should feel relieved that I've been given an appointment for January rather than being asked to come in straight away, but I can't let myself feel anything until I've actually got the biopsy results. For all I know the Outpatient Letter was randomly generated by their patient management software! Surely they can't expect me to wait until January to discuss these results with a consultant?! 

I know its only been a few days since my operation so they might not have the results yet, but I hate not having all the information. I wish they hasn't written to me at all if what they send me only raises more questions. Throughout this whole process, I feel as though I've had to fight for information about what is going to be done to my body :(


The way you feel makes sense to me. I expect your Dad is trying to comfort you and look on the bright side but sometimes other people don't realise that you need to express your fears and that by cutting you off they can make it feel worse (my husband does the same, it can be very annoying).  He's probably very scared for you.

During my treatment, the hospital tended to write to my GP after results were in and it took around a week for information to reach her. I almost always knew things before she did. There were times when the results were in but they needed to be discussed before they could tell me anything and its very easy to imagine the worst.

My advice is to try to concentrate on looking after yourself and recovering from your treatment and to try to be patient. It may take a while longer for you to get your confirmed results and you don't want to drive yourself nuts in the meantime. Easy for me to say, I know.

Best of luck x

Hi I agree with rosehip that you need to get things if you chest and other people don't understand unless they been through ior that's why this group is so good as we are all going through it even if at different stages and diagnosis

i think maybe your app was sent out as routine I'm sure you will get a appointment sooner to discuss your results if not then call your doctor in another week or so as normally they getithe results last but least then you can talk to her/him about your results I hope you get the all clear hugs jayne xxx


That looks like a 6 month check so guess yur results are not too bad. If they were worse you would be in which I can speak from both sides of the results good and bad :-(

so if you still have your results contact the link below for the hospital you had them done and try to relax. PAL work for patients to sort this kind of problem and usually quickly.

Hugs x