Received Colposcopy Results

Hi everyone, hope you're all well!

I very recently had my second smear (age 27) and strolled into the office confident as anything (y'know, had this done before, absolutely great, no bother, I'll just get it done and crack on with my day!).

This time was different, it bloody HURT! She made me bleed quite badly, and I was shaking like a leaf for a good hour or so after :-(

I received my result the next week, which came back abnormal and HPV positive. I was booked in two days later for the colposcopy.

Now I think I'm scarred for life when it comes to anybody going near my vagina :-/ I passed out twice durig the colposcopy and ended up hooked up to oxygen - I'm categorically never like that, I work in a research lab with blood every day for goodness sake, I'm far from squeamish!

I've already got a little girl, kept my cool throughout the whole pregnancy and labour - three hours, done! Simple, straight forward, I'd do that again any day!

Got my colposcopy results back yesterday and its come back CIN2 and I've been told I'm having the loop treatment - had a panic attack at the bloody letter!

I have no idea why I'm reacting like this, I'm petrified, I've never panicked about medical stuff, ever.

Can anybody shed some light on what side effects the loop treatment can have? I've been reading that it affects pregnancies in the second trimester, and as far as I was aware, I'm not finished with having kids yet :-(! I was planning another with my boyfriend in the next year or two and I'm wondering whether I need to rethink this? 

I've already read that it can affect labour, because of the scar tissue it leaves on your cervix can prevent dilation?

Any help from you would be appreciated xx


Hi LittleMac

Sorry to jump on your post but I feel relieved to have seen someone in a similar situation as me.

I'm 24 and have had ongoing problems for year, no children yet and was diagnosed CIN2 back in May. Had a second biopsy yesterday (as she told me to leave it 6 months and see if the cells developed) and now awaiting the results, she has said that LLETZ would be the treatment if they are the same but I also worry about the risk with pregnancies especially as I haven't had children yet. I am engaged and want children, so depending on what happens we may have to try sooner rather than later. 

I think you can opt for GA for the LLETZ, I will be personally as I also found the biopsy & colposcopy very uncomfortable and I am not at all squeamish and like you normall waltz into the clinic like I'm getting a cup of coffee!