Stage 2b CC treated with chemorad last summer, enlarged lymph nodes on PET scan and had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove the lymph nodes in my groin aswell as biopsies of tissue and muscle. The results say that only the muscle biopsie tested positive for active cancer. CT and MRI are scheduled next week then it will be more chemotherapy or more surgery. So scared at this point…can i be cured? Just when i thought it might be over it comes back.
Deep breaths and trying to stay positive.
Thanks for listening ladies.
Leeanne x

Big hugs Hun sure someone will come along and give better advice but just wanted to send love and strength. try to stay positive and keep busy between now and scans xxxx

Hi Leanne 

just wanted to say yes it's possible you can be cured again , and I'm sure other ladies with recurrence will tell you the same , i was diagnosed with 1b1 Adenocarcinoma in december 2013 then had recurrence to the left overary in July 2015 had surgery to remove the overary followed by chemo and radiotherapy , which finished in October 2015 , I've had my ups and downs and still have a few hiccups but im in the clear right now , I know how scary it is , and I know easier said than done but try to stay positive ,  im sure you already know but don't google anything , and as sarah t says try to keep yourself busy if you can , see friends / family , my thoughts are with you , you can beat this . 

love and hugs 



Thankyou for your messages Ladies.

Im trying to keep busy and have alot of support!! Ive had a few down days but once they give me a "plan" of whats ahead i think i will be able to focus and stay more positive

I can't advise at all on this but I didn't want to read and run. 

All I know is that you will feel better once you have the plan like we all do xx

Oh flip!

Sending you huge hugs and hoping that having a new treatment plan has the same effect as it does for most of us on our first.
Thank heaven for Greeni :-)


Be lucky :-)

Sorry to hear about this but I am sure you will fight through as you did before and come out the other side. Good luck with it all xx

Big hugs!! You are not alone in this. Just when I thought all was well, my recent PET shows an enlarged lymph node around my lung. I'm terrified about recurrence. Asking the same questions as you. Yesterday, I had a endobronchial ultrasound needle biopsy. Awaiting results. Keep fighting Leanne! Greenie has given us lots of inspiration! 

Im having my CT tonight and MRI scan on tuesday...just hate this limbo phase were you dont know exactly which way things are going to go. I just need to get these scans out the way so i concentrate on what i need to do next....just worried as im nowhere near recovered from my surgery 2 weeks ago...still sore and just hope my body is strong enough for the next step.

Your in my thoughts Ashley, its so scary. Let me know how you get on x

Dear Leanne,

Mine has been confirmed. Recurrence to lung lymph node. My treatment is starting very next week. Initially my chemo doctor wanted to start right away but I nearly fell off the chair. My chemo regime would be Taxol/carbo/avastin. Urgh! I know it's very scary. I have been on a rollar coaster emotional ride. Hope your medical team gets yr treatment plan in place asap. And we will kill this stupid cancer...AGAIN!

Its good they are starting your treatment ASAP i meet with the consultant on tuesday hopefully to give me the "whats happening next talk" feel like im trying to prepare but nothing really prepares us does it....we just go with it and fight like hell!!! Hope your ok and the treatment kicks this cancers arse once and for all.

Leeanne x

Hi Leanne,

Sorry to read you are going through all this worry again.

I really struggled to find ladies with

recurrence when I was diagnosed.

But since then the treatments for those facing

recurrence,including me,have moved on so much

the success rates are much,much better.

I have been NED for 2yrs and 5mths,so yes

it can be done.

I found the second time around to be far worse

mentally than the first.So looking back my advise

would be to be kind to yourself every second of the

day,ditch any extra stress,eat what and when you like.

Get massages,beauty treatments to relax you.

And most of all find a phsycologist specialising in

the area of cancer care (ask your CNS)

All the very best.

Take care

Becky x