Recalled for second Colposcopy


I’m new here. I had a colposcopy in July last year, and had a 6 month follow up / smear in Dec. I’ve just received a letter saying “the treatment hasn’t work completely” and they want to see me on the 18/1 to discuss and possible second colposcopy.

This common?

Really worried, tried calling the consultant and docs for weekend reassurance but cant get hold of anyone.

Why do letters like this come on Fridays?


I also had treatment in July and have pretty much been worrying ever since! I had to have another colposcopy this wk as had a bit of irregular bleeding and they also did my smear. I can say with some certainty, having done a lot of research, that once you have had treatment for cin, you have an increased risk of a further problem- if the average person has a 5% chance of having an abnormal smear, ours is 10%. A test of cure smear with an abnormal result would suggest that not all the bad cells were removed last time, especially if your letter says it didn't work. You will find out more at colposcopy. If they are new abnormal cells, they would probably only be cin1 which they may leave for now. Even if you need another lletz, it will almost certainly be to remove a smaller area than last time and most people are able to have at least 3cm removed before other treatment options are explored. I want to tell you not to worry but that would make me a hypocrite! Hope this helps though xx

Thanks for the reply KH x

Hi Shellymabb,

I think it is more common than we know. I had CIN3 removed last Jan with clear margins. My smear in July came back high grade again, but they struggled to see much at colposcopy and all they removed in my second LLETZ was CIN1. Hoping for 3rd time lucky at my smear in May! I know a few ladies who have had 2 rounds to get the golden all clear. It is incredibly upsetting and stressful worrying about it though, I kept worrying they might have missed something, maybe I still do a bit, which is why I am still on Jo's... Big hugs to you x x x