Hi I am a little worried about my symptoms after reading all your posts which have been very informative.  I have recently visited my GP following reoccurring bleeds following inter course.  Initially I didn't think much of it and didn't want to mention it to my GP as I had been back and forth for the past few months with extreme back ache, and didn't want to sound like a hypercondriac!! Anyway after leaving it a few months I made an appointment to go back... The GP examined down below and told me I needed to be referred to have a choloscopy? She advised me that I would be seen fast and an appointment was given to me for the following week.  Anyway I wasn't able to attend due to work commitments and numbers further appointments have been scheduled but I have had my period so unable to attend.  I have one booked in for the middle of next week and I'm starting to feel anxious as it's been nearly 3mths since my initial appointment was given due to work, holidays and my period delaying each attempt to attend.  

I'm worried that my previous back pain which is still constant and no amount of pain killers eases the pain, may be a symptom of Cervical cancer in addition to the bleeding after intercorse. 

Previous investigations in the explanation of my back pain have not been identified and given the lack of energy I have being tired all the time I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  But again I'm worried this my not be the problem having read some of the stories.  

I'm sorry if you think I'm worried about nothing I just wanted to know your thoughts really as my husband keeps telling me not to worry about it.


I also went to the doctors with the same thing and was referred to colposcopy. it took a few months for the colposcopy appointment to come round, and during that they did an exam showing a cervical ectropion, some cell changes indicative of HPV, and took a biopsy. They didn't want to see me for 3 months after this, and they were going to treat but my symptoms had reduced so they decided not to, so it seems they weren't worried about the length of time! Also I'd been having symptoms for about 8 months before I went to the doctors. I wouldn't worry about not being able to attend as I'm sure you don't need the added anxiety. Just see what they say on the day, and hope it all goes well for you xx