Morning Ladies,

My recent smear came back clear... Yay. I had CIN3 a few years was puzzled that my nurse called me at home to say that she was referring me back to colposcopy. My periods have been all over the place since October, i have also bled a few times after sex but didn't really worry about it until i got my referral. After googleing (I know, i shouldn't have) i am now really worried. I have had an ache in the back of my left leg for a while. . . I always thought it was because i have gone from a very active job to sitting behind a desk and i thought maybe over time it could be that which has caused the problem. I need to pee far more frequently then i used to and these are all reletively new symtoms. (last 6 months or so).

Thank you for letting me offload my worries. If you have any help or advice it would be gratefully received. Colposcopy apt is on the 19th May.

Wishing you all the best. xxx


Hello hun! A clear smear, yay. Excellent news! The colposcopy nurse may just be referring you to make sure 100% that all the abnormal cells are gone/ haven't reappeared. As sometimes the smear can come back positive when in actual fact it's negative and vice versa. I think she may just be taking precautions hun. Do not google lol that's possibly the worst thing you could do! There is so much misinformation in the Internet, a lot of horror stories and also a lot of false information. If you have any questions or queries or just some advice - stick to this site! There's all the up to date info on here and the ladies are really supportive. The pain could now be more psychological than anything else - I know on my abnormal smear result, I started experiencing all sorts of aches and pains lol but after my results from the biopsy came back as CIN 1 with no further treatment, they suddenly disappeared lol I'm not saying this is the case with you by any means hun, but we can convince ourselves there is something sinister going on, when really it's just our minds playing tricks on us. Our mind can sometimes be our own worst enemy! Stay off google!!! Wait for your colposcopy appointment hun, that will confirm everything :) in the mean time, stop worrying. I'm sure all is fine xxx

Hey there. Did she say if hpv is still present? They like to be on the safe side with checking this even if your smear is normal. I know it's really scary, especially when you feel you're in the dark about what's happening. I have just been told my most recent smear was normal, and need to go back for a check in 12 months time. Obviously am pleased but also wondering why a year and not three, which I assumed I'd be moved back to? I assume that it's because I am still hpv positive. Wish they'd told me that though! 

I think in your case, they just want to be sure. They can't be that worried as that's quite a wait for your appointment. As for your worry about symptoms, there's so many things that could be causing these, so please try not to panic (easier said than done I know).

Hope this helps a bit xxx