Reassurance needed


This is my first post. I have been reading for a while and have felt so much reassurance from all the posts

I am 31 and live in Nottingham and had my 3rd smear test in March. Received the results 5 weeks later with result of severe dyskaryosis (moderate). Had a colposcopy 6 days later (on my birthday) during this they took 3 biopsies as they were unsure if they were severe or low.

Two weeks later results were back as CIN2/3. LLETZ treatment on 31st may. Was told I would have my results and future action plan within 4 weeks. It is now nearly 6 weeks. I have rang the unit and keep being told no future appointments have  been made and they will chase the Secretary. 

I am starting to panic that either it is more serious than they first thing or they have misplaced my results.

Has anyone else had this were their results have taken longer than expected?

Thanks in advance

Katie x

Hi Katie,

aorry to hear that you have such a long wait for results. I had mine back within 4 weeks, however, I was told at the beginning it could take between 6 and 8 weeks. If i was you I would keep calling them to chase for the results. Also phone your own GP too and see if they can chase them for you.

the waiting bit is so hard xxxx