Reassurance needed

I had a smear test early March this year, 7 weeks later I had the results which was high grade dyskaryosis (moderate). I had colposcopy 3 days later. She removed a small area of cells with the LLETZ procedure. Now waiting for results. I'm terrified and can't think about anything else. 


My smear was agony, she took 3 attempts and I was bleeding which she said was not normal however she went on to say my cervix looked ok. 


I have had symptoms which I have buried my head in the sand about. Sex is so painful we have given up trying, this has been going on for a year or more. I have a lot of 'period type' lower back pain mid cycle. My periods are regular however they go on for much longer now, up to 10 days. I have bled once after an attempt at sex. All of these things are making me panic. 


When I had colposcopy she said the bad cells were to one side and didn't look cancerous, thank god. But canvthey tell just by looking? Im so scared. 


Thank you for any reassurance xx