Reassurance/Advice Needed

Hi all,


Firstly, I haven't been diagnosed so will delete my account if the results are ok. I don't want to intrude, just after advice and opinions. I apologise for posting, I just don't know who else to turn to.


I'm almost 27, have 2 children, I smoke (way too much), and have recently finished a course of immune suppressant tablets for my psoriasis (after just over a year)


About 3 months ago I started spotting after sex, every time. Nothing heavy just red blood when I wiped, sometimes it was more pink. Occasionally I'll have a spell of bleeding on and off but I have the implant in my arm. Although I've had this for 20 months and had no side effects until this on/off bleeding, I didn't really think much of it.


I last had a smear Nov 2012 of which the results were fine. I had to have this due to the fact I was due to go on the immune suppressants.


I get occasional lower back ache and a dull achey feeling down below, also the off twinge that goes from my womb (or so it feels, anyway!) to my hip like a very mild electric wave or something.


Otherwise I think that's all my "symptoms". I am married, so I'd be surprised if this is the cause of an STI. I was checked yesterday by the GP, no tears or damage of any kind that she could see and she said I was well lubricated so she can't imagine the cause of bleeding after sex is down to that. I'm booked in for a smear today so I guess it's just a waiting game now, they said I should get the results within 1 week.


I have no family history of cervical cancer, although my Mum had a lot of problems with prolapses, terrible pregnancies etc. She had 1 abnormal result on a smear but shortly after had a hysterectomy anyway so she'll never know what the outcome of that could have been.


So yesterday the GP took a swab, today my smear, and this morning I had a phone call saying I have a gynaecology appt on 15th at the hospital. Is this routine? No-one at the surgery is giving me any information as to why this has been booked mid-way through my tests?!


I'm very scared, nervous, all the normal feelings I guess. Everything on google suggests something is wrong - I can't think what could be causing this :(

Hi Dannii87

Please don't worry about posting here, it doesn't matter if you have received abnormal smear results or are just anxious about a smear, everyone welcomes anyone with concerns or queries.  I've found the support here wonderful (even if most of the time I just read other people's posts!)

From my limited experience into this world it seems quite common for gynae appointments to be made for people who experience bleeding outside of their normal menstural cycle so your GP is probably just being cautious to have booked this for you.  Your surgery really should be able to tell you why this was booked though, maybe you could ask to speak with your Doctor again if you feel this would put your mind at ease?

Good luck with your appointment, some valuable advice I was given was to write down any questions you may have about anything gyae related because sometimes it's easy to forget them at an appointment.



Hi Danni

Please don't apologise for posting as elderflower said. You have done the right thing by going to your gp. My story is similar to yours. I was bleeding after sex with my husband and went to my gp.I was examined and sent to hospital for colonoscopy. Try not to worry till you have all your tests. I no it's hard not to worry. It's the worst bit the waiting. Good luck with everything.keep us posted xx

Colposcopy not colonoscopy. This bloody kindled got a mind of its own lol

Didnt want to read and run.

I'm sure we all know what's going through your mind as we all think the worst - it's liked it's programmed into us even tho we genuinely encourage others not to worry x 

the waiting is the worst and I hope your appointment comes quick and gives you answers x

Thank you all.


the gp called back, I have to go to the gynae for all the tests on Tues as its routine. Since I booked my appt I've bled every day... Getting concerned but will keep this post updated. Thank you all so much for the kind words xxx