Really worrying and want advice

Hi, I have a colposcopy a few weeks ago and they sent ash a biopsy my biopsy results are back and it says that I have cin1 and HPV like changes.. they are not treating this and I'm not having another colposcopy for another year. My question is.. is this anything to worry about and is a year a long time to wait? I'm worried that things will process quickly within a year :(! Also is there anything I can do to prevent cin1 processing into something more serious?

Hey, please try not to worry. I have high grade severe  changes had colposcopy and lletyand am currently waiting for the results of biopsy, fingers crossed! 

My understanding of someon with results similar to yours, is that they are monitored for any further changes, as they don't necessarily require intervention.

 Please check it with your dr, don't google and best of luck xx


As cazzers has said CIN1 can correct itself and the normal course of action is to wait and see. It is my understanding that changes develop slowly and so a year is fine. 

I agree try not to worry! I had the LLETZ and it has left me with permanent side effects so I wouldn't be rushing to get one if I were you. 

I have heard of people recovering from CIN with lifestyle changes. It takes some dedication, like giving up sugar, caffeine alcohol etc, and having a really healthy diet with nutritional supplements, but I think this is an empowering route to go because it's working with the body rather than simply chopping off chunks of the cervix. I would choose that if I had my choice again. 

If you google curing cervical dysplasia naturally and also look on facebook there are some good resources. Good luck! 


Hello katkin  can I ask what permanent side effects you've had from Lletz.  I had Lletz yesterday