really worried

Hi I am 24 with 2 children for the last year I’ve had unusual funny dischage white /clear but smell " sorry for detail" … it’s so bad I have to wear a pad during the day … over last 3 months I have devolpd swollen tummy and some pelvic pain but in last 3 weeks I’ve devolped back pain it’s very bad … i no i should be telling the doctor this but im terrified for the last few months I’ve went to ring and I cudnt the discharge is so embarrising and I’m truthfully really scared I no I’ve had 2 kids but the thought of her telling me bad news is just 2 over welming… I will book an opt soon but I wanted to see if any of you cud give me any insight of maybe wats going ahn … thank you .

Hi hun,

It could just be an infection. I know it's embarrassing but it's one of those things we have to put up with as ladies and I'm sure the doc/nurse have seen it all before. 

Maybe you could try arranging a phone consultation with the nurse first? That might set your mind at ease a bit before actually going in? 

I've had an absolute nightmare the last few days - complications after my smear and ive now got an infection. My stomach is bloated and im in so much pain. Had a phone consultation with the doc today and he diagnosed it on the spot and prescribed me antibiotics without going in. Never knew an infection could cause this many problems but he really put my mind at ease about going back in for them to try and sort the bleeding. Don't really fancy it but I'm just thinking the sooner I go back, the sooner it's sorted. 

Plan something fun for after? 

Feel for you chick - but it will all be okay as soon as you're on the way to fixing it :)