really worried

Hey all.

Im new here. Today I went to the GP for an internal examination after seeing her on Monday with abnormal bleeding and intense pain in my pelvic area for a few weeks. (They originally thought I had bladder infections but after a few courses of antibiotics and no change, the GP decided we needed to go down this route.

I should point out here that I have a family history of abnormal cells in the cervix. My mum had to have a partial hysterectomy some years ago.

The examination was painful and afterwards the doc said my cervix looks "fragile" and there are a couple of areas on the cervix that she is concerned about.

SShe said she was doing me a quick referral to the gynaecologist and I would have an appointment within two weeks and she is referring me for an ultrasound to check for fibroids or anything in my womb.

I am worried and in so much pain and discomfort.


What does all this mean? what does a fragile cervix mean? Any advice or opinion would be greatly received.


Thanks in advance.