really worried

Hi I'm New here Im 25 and had my first smear a couple of weeks ago and last week received worrying voicemails from my doctor. I received a letter in the post explaining I will be having a colposcopy and need to have a discussion with my doctor. I've seen him today and now I feel worse! He explained that my results were severely abnormal and explained about the colposcopy and biopsy I will need. He looked really worried and explained that I should definitely take my husband with me. When I mentioned about me giving up smoking (which was unrelated to this) he told me that he would highly recommend I carry on and don't give up   until we know where this is all going! I'm taking these as really bad signs and due to having my 2 young children in the doctors with me I found that I didn't really want to ask about the worst possibilities. Should I be this worried?.....Natalie xx


it's normal to be worried but try to keep calm until you know for sure what's going on. Smear tests are designed to detect pre-cancerous changes which are very common and can correct themselves, especially in very young women like you. However, the colposcopy will show more and then you'll know what you're dealing with. It's not much fun, but it's something to be got through to get more information.

i'd say yes, take someone with you. It could be husband or someone else if you prefer, but having someone to look after you a bit is good. 

Finally, don't read too much into how the GP (or any of the medical types) talks to you. Yes it's a serious business but we've all driven ourselves crazy reading too much into the look on someone's face or the way they talk to us. It's the lack of information during diagnosis that makes us all a bit crazy. I know it's easy to say, but try to distract yourself a bit while you're waiting (treats and laughs and movies) getting stressed makes the time drag.

be st of luck with it all and do come back here if you want to chat any time - we all know what it's like. X

I agree with all Rosehip has said. The worry at this time is incredible and u will end up convincing yourself that u have stage 4 cancer by the end as every slight twinge you will think is a tumour. This is normal, if u read other posts on here u will see!

the procedure was fine for me, uncomfortable but not painful. I had my husband to hold my hand throughout and a very chatty nurse to try to distract me. You will be in a reclined kind of chair with your feet in "rests" and a sheet to put over your legs so u don't need to see anything. Having said that, many hospitals now have a screen next to u so u can see what is happening inside, if u want!! I didn't. If urs is a see and do hospital they may end up doing a LLETZ if they see anything definitely bad. My advice to u is to read up about the procedure, read past posts on here then ask questions, everyone is really helpful on here, sharing real experiences.

TRY not to worry TOO much, you will worry as again it is natural but try to keep busy. I know 6people I work with who have had the procedure and it has gone no further than that.

goog luck xxx