Really worried

Hi i dont know if i will make any sense as im quite worried at the moment. Im 27 and i just had my first smear test done (i know i should have had one sooner but i always put it off). I got told the results would take 3-4 weeks to come back and i thought it would be ok. Within 4 days of having it my doctors called me and were very concerned and said they cane back abnormal severe dyskaryosis and that i urgently need a colpolscopy done and that someone will call me to arrange an appointment. Within 5 days i was given an appointment and the gynecologist sat down and told me they were very concerned with my results and invasive squamous carcinomaand was found and dont feel they can use the normal treatment for just scrapping away the cells. They ended up taking 6 biopsies and said they would rush them through as a matter of urgency and hope to have the results back with 1-2 weeks and then they will know the best course of treatment to use  i was told i definitely need treatment but they're not sure what. This was done yesterday. Now i am incredibly scared that i am going to be told i have cancer as nothing that was said to me sounded reassuring it all sound really scary and worrying. They mentioned also that where i am a heavy smoker i must concider the changes in precancerous cells because of this.  Im so scared and im absolutely petrified at what is coming next. I saw this website advertised in the waiting room and thought maybe someone knows what im going through. I just dont know what to say, do or think im just really scared about whats coming.


I have read up there is different ops depending on what its like up there so they are probably choosing the best one as if they are higher up they may try a less common one. I had 'flat cells and glandular cells' infected meaning mine were higher up but maybe yours arent easy to get to. The main things is they are getting it done. I would quit smoking i know thats easier said than done but your body needs to do its job. hope this helps a bit x