Really worried, am I overreacting?

Hi :) I feel like a fraud posting here as the docs haven’t actually got to the root of my problem yet and google is THE worst for symptom checking! 

ive always regular periods and although I have suffered numerous misses, I am blessed with 3 children. 

Everything started going werid in june this year, I had my normal period and had sex with my partner a week later and it made my period come back for another 7 days?! 

I had 2 periods again in July and none in August. a Heavy period with clots and hemorrhaging for the whole of September. None in October. Haemorrhage period again for the whole of November.

I lost 24lbs in November, no energy, insomnia

ive had an ultrasound, numerous pregnancy tests, std tests, hormone tests, everything is clear. I had a clear smear in April 2016 so docs wouldn’t do another. I finally convinced a doc to do one when I saw them last week, and she will examine it too, ive noticed over the last few weeks I’m peeing every 10 minutes. My discharge is now black and there’s a lot, my hands and thumbs were covered in painful blood clots yesterday but they were fine this morning. I was going to let doc know but I’ve woke up today with another heavy period so they can’t do it (my last period stopped on 1st Dec) 

am I just worrying about nothing? Surely nothing can have developed since 2016? Or is it possible it could have been missed? I had cin3 removed by leetz in 2012

sorry if I don’t make sense, I’m trying to put as much info in as I can without rambling xxx


Did you ever figure out what was wrong?