Really worried advice please

Evening everyone, this is my first post but have been reading over the site non stop over the past few days. 

I had my first smear test at age 29 a few weeks ago and thought nothing of it. I had been fast tracked about a concerning mole so that was my main worry at the time. However I received my results back on Thursday severe high grade dyskaryosis and have been booked in for a colposcopy. I'm really worried as I have a small lump on my cervix, found when checking iud and cannot stop worrying. On the following day I attended dermatology and the consultant was concerned about my mole also which I had removed the same day. I feel so full of panic and worry, I'm on my own just me and my daughter who's 7 years old. Trying to keep calm and smile for her but I'm having bouts of anxiety and worry and feel so alone. 


I’m sorry things are so stressful - I absolutely know how worrying it is, but try not to panic, the system is all about being preventative and it’s good that you’re going in for a colp. I had high grade changes as well (CIN3), went through a couple of colps and then an LLETZ - but results came back ok after that and I’m just glad it was dealt with. It’s the waiting and not knowing that drives you crazy, I know!

Do you have female friends or family you can talk to? I discovered by confiding in them (not something I do naturally...!) that two of my close friends had been through exactly the same procedures. You might find the same thing, and that’s something that really reassured me. Hope all goes well, and look after yourself x


I’m having a lletz next week for cin3. In the past I had a lump on my cervix. At the time I’d had normal smears but my gp wasn’t concerned about the lump at all. He said its quite common to have either spots, little cysts etc on the cervix. It was a little hard lump and was there for months but whatever it was it disappeared of its own accord. mention it at your colposcopy and they can check it out for you. Xx