really upset!

Tomorrow (1st October) will be 4 weeks since LLETZ treatment. I'm STILL bleeding. I've posted before about this, but I need some support again as it's really getting me down.


Had a long chat with my man about stuff over the past week and it's all cool between us, I explained things (see other post). All he wants is for me to be better, 'normal' and happy. He hates it when I am upset like this.


Basically, post procedure, things have gone like this: first couple days, hardly any discharge. Then I had a period only 4 days after the LLETZ, which was awful. Flooded a couple times, had to clean up my father in law's car, how embarrassing! Thankfully, he didn't notice. Since then the bleeding is erratic, but always bright red. I've had the whole brown gritty stuff, that was 2 weeks ago now, maybe a little longer. I thought this was the 'scab' thing coming away, so hoped things would stop after this. But no. Some days I'll need to wear a towel, other days would be fine with just a panty liner. I don't get it. There's no consistency to it at all. I don't know if I'm coming or going.


I've been really careful and done exactly what the doctors said I should do - ie: nothing inside. I don't really have any pain, and nothing smells funky. There are no huge clots or anything either. It's just really damn annoying. (I want to write profanity there, starts with f and rhymes with duck, y'know).


My period is due this coming weekend, and I don't think I can face another 'proper' bleed without being able to staunch the flow! I've considered going to the GP but as it's not major bleeding, pain or longer than the given recovery time I think they will just send me away again and tell me to 'keep an eye on things'.


Really low. I can't really enjoy the fact that my results were good either as it's all overshadowed by this. I want to celebrate, go out, do something crazy, but I don't feel comfortable doing that when I'm still dealing with this.

Hi honey,

if you feel that you are bleeding more than you should be, get to the doctors. Even if they just tell you there's nothing to worry about, you will go away feeling better. 

After my first biopsy I went to the docs just cos I was feeling so rough. He took my temperature, said I HAD a temperature, and put me on antibiotics just to be safe. It was only then that I acknowledged how rough id been feeling! So no harm in getting checked out. I hadn't had any funky smell, and wasn't in too much pain.

because your bleeding is bright red, there is a chance something has not healed properly, ss this is fresh blood rather than old, if you know what I mean. 

Please get checked.

love, Molly xxxx

Thanks Mollz,

Hope you are doing OK.

I will see about making an appointment, providing I can actually get through to the surgery!

hugs xx

Hi Jodhi

I can relate to your post as I had exactly the same results  CIN3 and go back in 6 months too, had the same pattern after my LLETZ bleeding seemed to get really heavy with clots especially at week 3.

I went to GP who took a swab to check for infection, but I wasnt convinced it was infection as no smelly discharge or other signs of infections. Anyway I also spoke to colposcopy

clinic and after discussion I think the bleeding was prolonged because I had been exercising  and possibly not letting it heal properly. I stopped exercise and the bleeding slowed and stopped by 6 weeks.  Dont know if that helps any, but probably better to go to GP if it continues. Good luck