really struggling!

Hi All,

Iam so new to all this and feel awful as i may not even have CC but waiting for Colposcopy following going to Dr with symptoms, and she found Growth in cervix a size of a peach!

She is also a ex gyno and was worried for me!. Im waiting for follow up now. its been 2 weeks and not heard.

Im single mum to a beautiful 3 yr old and i work full time as a psychiatric nurse. The thing is im SOOOOO Exhausted lately and ache so badly down below and lower back that i honestly today feel i cant get through another day. I kept telling my daughter today to play by herself as i just could not face it today but feel so guilty that im not being the mum she needs. Im scared and feel so in the dark. im scared im going to have to wait for the colposcopy appointment for another 4 weeks or so and really not sure i can cope with that.

i just wanted to share how im feeling today as normally such a strong bubbly person.



I'm so sorry you're going through this; I completely understand why you're so worried. You're right that a growth can be explained by things other than cancer, so try not to get ahead of herself (although I know that's easier said than done). However, am I to understand from what you've said that you've been put forward on a standard referral, rather than an urgent referral? You should have been put down for an urgent referral if there is a growth that size on your cervix and you've been getting symptoms. An urgent referral will get you seen within a fortnight. If you think you have been put forward as this, then ring the hospital to chase the appointment. If you think you haven't, then ring your GP and get her to ring the hospital to change the referral to urgent. I am not saying any of this because I think you've got CC or because I'm trying to scare you - I can't possibly know what the growth is - but I do know you should be on an urgent referral, so if I was you I'd start kicking up a bit of a fuss! 

Try not to beat yourself up about how you're feeling at the moment; I am sure you're a brilliant mum and you've got no reason to feel guilty about your daughter. Try and give yourself a bit of a break - you've got a lot on your plate. 

I completely understand your fear, but the main thing is now that whatever this is, you've got the ball rolling in terms of getting it sorted out. Lots of us on here know how awful the waiting can be, and how much your mind can just go into overdrive in that space between now and the appointment. Try and keep reminding yourself that you've done the right thing. I know you're exhausted and have had enough, but please do try and get pushy about your appointment - you need this sorted pronto - and doing this may help you feel a bit more in control of the situation as well.

Let us know how you get on. 

Love, Annabel. x

Thank you so much Annabel for your quick reply. I spoke to the colposcopy unit again today and told my referral has been downgraded to routine!!! i have now put in an urgent letter to GP who found growth and knows all about my symptoms and have asked her to call and discuss the referral with them. I cant believe they have downgraded it especially as ive not had a smear done for over 4 years and have some horrible symptoms.

I understand they are the experts but they havent even seen me to make that decision. Waiting game is awful and i havent even started really yet. Ill keep you posted. xx

This is ridiculous. If you don't hear from your GP within a couple of days, I would start chasing her as well to see what she's done about it. Like you say, for it to be downgraded is stupid. Once you get to see the gynaecologist, things tend to be very good and very thorough, but getting there in the first place can be a bit of a fight! 

Yes, please do keep me posted. 



Did your GP take a smear whilst you were there? If not she should have as this would pick up any abnormal cells on the cervix if they are present and certainly bring your appointment forward.

Give your GP a call and get on her case.....

Keep us posted and good luck.


Tracey x


yes, I agree with the above , u must must must chase this up! To have be told u have a growth, to have the symptoms u have then to be told u only need to be a routine referral is ridiculous! Once u get into the system, my experience is everything moves quickly, as can be seen from other people's posts on here too. 

Fingers crossed for you. Let us know how u get on

dons xxx

Hi All, I have chased it up this morning and have an appointment for Monday 4th November (10 days away).

I swear if i have CC i will go mad that its not been under the 2 week rule!.

Ill keep you all posted. Thank you for all your posts it really is helping me.


Well done u! Time will soon fly past. Fingers crossed x

Well done. 4th Nov isn't too far away (although I know it feels like it when you're the one doing the waiting) and it's certainly preferable to waiting for a month from now! 

Keep us updated. 

Annabel. x