really scared

Hi I went for a colcoscopy on Monday and they found a tumour the size of a grape on my cervix, im booked in for an mri soon but im really scared, terrified about what is going to happen. they seem to think it is only on my cervix but I just cant stop worrying about it.

I know it's easy to say but take a deep breath an breathe, and don't Google anything.

If it is a cancer it is one of the most treatable cancers there is, and they will make sure things move very quickly and u will be supported so well, I'm at the start of my journey but there are others on here who will be there for u every step of the way reassuring u.

Sending u huge cyber hug an pm me if u want to chat 

Dawn x

Hi anni

sorry to hear about your diagnosis but rest assured you will get through this. Where you are in this journey is the hardest and most scariest part. You will have an MRI, and most likely a chest X-ray maybe a pet scan. It will seem very overwhelming but they will want to be completely sure they check everything before proceeding with an official staging and treatment plan. Try to stay as positive as possible and just keep telling yourself you will get through this because you will!!!

we have all felt the emotions you are feeling and totally understand. We have a great club here and are all ready to help or just listen. 

Big Hugs. 


Want to reiterate what the ladies have said here.

This part is the absolute worst, your mind can play tricks on you. I was imagining all sorts os symptoms during this time. Try not to google too much and post your questions here instead. The ladies here are amazing and very wise.

MRI and all the tests are routine and the imaging these days is v accurate so you would have a very clear picture of your situation.

Please do get in touch through message if you'd like to talk further.

Best of luck xxxx

Hi ladies, 

Had coloposy and biopsy today, doc said she had seen cancerous cells. I'm also really scared, I have 5 beautiful children ranging from 17-2 , I plan to be around till they are settled in their own lives. The waiting has got me going crazy and my mind is wondering , reading the stories and post in here have made me feel a whole heap better. So thank you all and God blessings for a speedy recovery.