really scared

I started having irregular bleeding and weird smelling discharge and pelvic pain in feb anmd went to my doctor, went for a colcoscopy a couple of days ago, the doctor took a biopsy and told me there was a tumour on my cervix that she thought was cancerous. Another doctor also took a biopsy of the inside of my uterus - does this mean it has spread? I have to go for an MRI scan soon. I’m really scared, I jusgt can’t stop thinking aboiut it.

Hi anni

i just realized that your 2 posts are actually different but titled the same(most likely the reason no one has yet responded to this one) 

anyways, maybe I can help answer your question about the 2 different biopsies. 

Not sure if you had a smear or if you went straight to copolscopy- if your smear came back with adenocarcinoma  cells then the reason behind the biopsy that was further up into the opening of your womb it is because sometimes this type of cancer can have skip leasions. Meaning a completely separate tumour or lesion could be further up. Doesn't mean it necessarily has spread. But they will want to test higher up into your cervix to make sure. 

-if you have gone straight to colopscopy then they might be trying to avoid having to do another biopsy later In case it is indeed adenocarcinoma. There is maybe an indication that it might be adeno as it might be visually detectable because of where exactly the tumour is on the cervix transformation zone. 

Let me explain, squamous carcinoma is on the outter surface of the cervix and adenocarcinoma is on the inner lining of the cervix. The transformation zone is where the two areas meet. 

Hope that helps a bit....


hi i went through a ct scan the doctor saw my first and did a biopsy of he said the inside of my uterus then i was saent to another doctor for a colcoscopy and she did a biopsy there. thank you for your information. what are the chances that i will be given a hysterectomy? Im really scared that its advanced . the ct scan seemed to show it was just in my cervix would they be able to tell from that if it was anywhere else thanks anni xx


if your tumour is under 4 cm and you do not have any lymphnodes that are or might be effected you will possibly be offered a radical hysterectomy.  (There is different types of hysterectomy) during the hysterectomy they will also remove a few lymphnodes to send to pathology to make sure they are indeed free of cancer. This is because scans can only see active cells that are bigger then a certain size. If the lymphnodes have any microscopic cells in them then you would have to go onto having chemorad within a few weeks of surgury. 

Im sure regardless of what happens you will be fine. Cervical cancer is very curable.