Really scared for my mum

Hi all basically I'm going stir crazy , my mum went to Dr because she's 65 and she's bleeding like crazy she's tired all the time and she gets dizzy , the Dr took a swab and refered her to hospital with in 2 weeks , she had to turn down a appointment and she said they said on the phone that the swab was cancerous and it's to deside her next steps , but surely they wouldn't have told her that over the phone , I'm so worried and a assume she is to , i keep telling her to ring docs about swab but she won't,  she has her hospital app tmz I really want to go with her but I have my little one to look after 

Hello there. This can be a very worrying time when you are waiting to know more. I'm surprised anything was shared on the phone but who knows! If it does turn out to be cancer that she is facing, then it is very treatable, and the wheels will begin to turn quickly, with lots of scans and appointments. I'm sure she will know more tomorrow, but I am sure with your help and support she can get through this. The site is very helpful, so perhaps your mum might want to come on herself. All the best to her and you all.