Really really scared.. Could use someone to talk to

Hello everyone...I found this site among all the other sites when I was googling cervical cancer. This all started a few weeks ago when I started to bleed outside of my period.. It lasted for about 3 days and it was dark and had a strange smell. After this happened I started to google myself crazy until I convinced myself that I had cervical cancer. A little background on me; I'm 23 turning 24 next week and never had a Pap smear until last Thursday. I actually never been to a gyn until last week. When I went I was so nervous and kept crying. The gyn was very nice. She gave me a pelvic exam and said she felt maybe a cyst and sent me to radiology to have an ultrasound. My gyn said " I really don't think you have cancer" The lady giving me the ultrasound told me she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Now thinking back... I did have irregular bleeding last summer but just ignored it thinking it was hormonal changes. I never knew abnormal bleeding was a symptom of cc. I also am now realizing this clear watery and foul smelling discharge I have been getting over the past year. I ignored it too up until I realized it was another symptom. I'm am so unbelievably scared right now. I feel like I can't catch my breath. I go in for a follow up appointment on Wednesday and am convinced they are gong to tell me the worse. I could use some words of comfort right now :(

Hi apple shampoo, sorry to hear that you are experiencing these distressing symptoms however it’s good that you have found Jo’s as it’s a brilliant site with lots of advice, support & comfort. Try not to worry till you get the results of your smear as your symptoms could be caused by an STI or possibly an ectropian of the cervix. Did your doctor take any swabs at your last appointment? Depending in how busy the lab is you may not get your results back before Christmas so if you can put it to the back of your mind and enjoy the festive season with those close to you. All best wishes honey & let us know how you get on. Xx

Hi Apple shampoo,

i just wanted to send send you big hugs, the wait for results is the worst and Google is a minefield of scary information.  I was so glad I stumbled across Jo's trust though it was a huge comfort so hopefully it will help support you too through this time. in my case I went for a routine smear at 40 and they found abnormal cells, no symptoms to speak of so I can't offer any advice on your scenario but try to stay positive and keep in mind what the gyno etc said... Keeping everything crossed for you

sarah xxx

Oh hon,

please try not to worry, your symptoms are not specific to cervical cancer, and if they have told you it's unlikely... Then it's unlikely! Waiting is the worst, but two more days and I'm sure your mind will be put at rest.

take care and keep busy, and don't google.

love, Mollz xx

Hello everyone,

i just wanted to update everyone with what has been happening. So I went in on Wednesday for my follow up appointment. My current gyn is on vacation so I had to see another doctor. When she came in the room she pulled up my records and it showed that my ultrasound (vaginal and abdominal) were both clear. She said my uterus was healthy and everything looked great. She then told me that i had been tested for sti's and they all came back clear. (Clymdydia and gonorrhea). I asked about the Pap smear and she said the results were not in yet. So naturally I was still very concerned. She then asked if I wanted the hpv vacc. Which I said yes to. While she was getting that ready she discovered that the lab threw out my Pap smear because the wrong code was written on it so she said she had to do the pap again. So I undressed and she did another full pelvic examination and Pap smear to which she said that everything looked perfect my cervix was healthy and it was a textbook defintion of what someone's insides should look like and she said she highly doubts anything will come back abnormal on my Pap smear. I then recieved the shot and went on my way. Fast forward a day later and I noticed light pink discharge when I wiped after going to the bathroom. This has persisted for the past 4 days and today when I peed it was clouded with blood. I am freaking out again and wondering if anyone else experienced this after getting a Pap smear. Could this mean something more sinister? I felt some relief leaving my appointment but now I am scared out of mind to even go to the bathroom. I am also experincing a sharp stabbing pain in my left side.