Really Positive Colposcopy experience

Hello ladies!

I wanted to pop on here and hopefully offer some reassurance to anyone booked to have a colposcopy.

A bit about the lead up first.

Late 2020 I had a routine smear which showed I was HPV+. I was told to come back for another smear in a years time when hopefully this would have cleared itself.

Late 2021 I went for my next smear which showed I was still HPV+ and also now had cell changes. I was referred for a colposcopy.

Cue lots of frantic googling!

Safe to say that by the time my appointment came round I was terrified, I was scared it was going to hurt and sure in my mind that I wasn’t going to have any biopsy taken unless under GA.

I worked myself up so much but straight away the lovely nurse put me at ease. She talked through the procedure and why I was there. I then got sorted and went through to the next room. I was greeted by two other lovely ladies and got into position. I can honestly say the procedure didn’t hurt at all. Two solutions were wiped onto my cervix and I could see what was happening on the screen next to me.

I was told a biopsy would need to be taken at this point and I started to panic. The nurse said she would count down from 3 then I needed to do a little cough. I did this and felt nothing! She actually ended up going two biopsies.

The only part which was a little uncomfortable was when she pressed on the cervix to stem any bleeding, it was a stomach ache feeling, similar to mild period cramps.

I then got up, got dressed and had a quick chat with the nurse about what to expect over the next few days and I was out! All in all it was less than half an hour.

It’s been a few days since the procedure now and I haven’t had any pain. TMI warning, I have a small amount of strange discharge, I can only describe as a sort of paste/papier-mâché texture?! I think this is one of the solutions used.

My results should be back in 4-5 weeks which feels like a long time but I am just relieved the colposcopy is over.

Please try not to worry or panic if you have one coming up, I guarantee it is worse in your head. I hope this helps someone xx


Hi, just wanted to reply to your post as this week I had my colposcopy and had a very similar experience to you. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, now I’m just trying to take my mind off waiting for the results!
When she did the colposcopy there was a small white area , I did ask her if this looked worrying but she said it didn’t look too concerning but we won’t know until the biopsies comes back. Anyway, from reading this forum even if our cell changes are severe it can still be treated! Which has put my mind at ease a bit.
My only worry is the future, I’m 25 and want to have ​children, I just hope my body is able to clear this horrible virus.
​I also have had the same Paper mache type discharge, the doc didn’t say about this she only mentioned spotting/brown discharge. But hearing you have this too had reassured me, it must be from the liquid bandage they used to stop the bleeding…

Best of luck with your results xx


Just been reading this… omg I have mine today and like you, I’m feeling terrified, reading this has definitely helped though so I’m just gonna brave it, and I’m really hoping I have a good experience like you did. Thanks so much I’m really glad I came across this. Hope you’re okay xx

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