really need to know..

Ive always have POCS but have still had a period even if its been late. My period was due last month but didnt come, about a week later I had a bleed when I went to the toilet then it stopped. nothing for another week, then another bleed but heavier, again only that once when i went to the toilet. I booked in for my smear and last week it came back as adnormal, and they couldnt read the HPV test. All other tests have come back normal (doc did a swab and said sti's were clear but I had slight thrush) but theyve booked me in for a colposcopy in 4 weeks time. This morning ive had a brown bloody discharge and low grumbling period pain, ive also been experiencing exteme tiredness, loss of appetitie, headaches and a pain behind my right knee and right arm - im now absolutely sh*tting myself!

Anyone else had these symptoms? Please be honest, id rather know then keep googling it and coming up with the same answer x

Awww try not to get yourself too worked up, I knw it's hard! The only advice I can give you is that if your smear from the colposcopy clinic doesn't give you any answers, insist on an MRI and CT scan. I don't understand why these aren't offered more freely, it's really frustrating but sometimes you have to fight for answers. Bestest of best luck :) xx