Really confused (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi everybody! Hope you're all doing well. I don't know if u remember but I used the forum a lot a few months ago. To cut a long story short When I was about 14 weeks pregnant I started bleeding from my cervix and was sent for a colposcopy. Thankfully everything was ok and it was just hormonal changes. My consultant told me just to go for a smear test as part of my 6 week post birth check. However, today I got home and a letter was waiting for me addressed to my gp which i had been copied in on. 


Basically, it said that after a multi-disciplinary meeting, my case had been reviewed and the histo pathologist confirmed that no cin had been found and they would see me again at 24 weeks for a repeat procedure.

 Im so confused! I walked out of the hospital in November thinking that it was all resolved and now it appears not!? To make things worse I can't get in touch with the hospital! Does anybody have any idea what all this might mean? Surely they're not going to give me a colposcopy again at 32 weeks pregnant??? 


thanks in advance for any replies x


Not sure if this is any help at all, pregnancy not being my area of expertise as it were, but doesn't your letter say they will look at you again at 24 weeks, not 32. Does it say AT 24 weeks or IN 24 weeks?

Be lucky


Hi. Well if you are 32 weeks pregnant and they want to see you at 24 weeks they must refer to the post birth period. Why don’t you call your gp for his opinion. Also the fact that they found no cin would suggest the latter. Also just to put your mind at ease. It is perfectly safe to have a colposcopy later in pregnancy. I had one at 35 weeks. Hope you find someone to talk to.