really confused about letter

Hi All 


I finally got a letter from the hospital telling me the operational was, a I quote, 'uncomplicated' and that I would just need a smear in 6 months. She said I would get the results via letter. today I received a second letter saying I needed to go to the gynaecologist on Thursday. 


From what I gather the results are normally in the letter? Does this mean I am all clear, or that I'm not? Kinda confused by the 2 contradictory letters



Hi,the best thing to do is give them a call, I'm always phoning up the hospital regards results. I'm sure they would be happy to advise you, it does sound very strange. 

Hi Charli 


the same thing happened to me. I went to the 2nd appointment (even though I was told the procedure was uneventful and tgat I wouldnt be seen until July!) and was told they had found microscopic cervical Cancer and I'm now booked in for a cone biopsy. 

Im trying to staying positive abs take each day as it comes, but things like this really don't help!!

Let me know how you get on we can help each other through x


routine smear Oct 14

colposcopy Dec 13th 2014

lletz January 13th 2015

results CC stage 1 no LVI 30th Jan 2015

cone biopsy March sometime 



Hi Quayle

I had the exact same thing, turns out they found a glandular adenocarcinoma, that was about 3mm by 6mm. They did a cone biopsy on me already and they think they got it all, however I need a second one just to be sure. 

It is rather scary hearing the C word, but I am also trying to look at the positives. 


Hope that you get the all cleaar after your cone biopsy x

Hi Charli 

Just wanted to wish u lots of luck.  My diagnosis almost exactly like yours except I had lletz treatment. Wanted to offer some mutual support in that it's very strange to be told you have cancer but to reassure you that such a small early cancer is very treatable. 

If you are interested I am trying to find out more about keeping CGIN and Hpv away post treatment. If I find anything useful out will post in the CC treatment section.

All the best for a successful op xx