Realised symptoms only after lletz, now the wait

Hi, new here and a bit lost in the fog of it all.
Briefly - I’m 37 with two small boys, received a smear result of moderate dyskaryosis then had a colposcopy with lletz 4 days ago. The specialist nurse who did the colposcopy said she thought I’d receive a confirmation of cin 2/3 and I’d just have to return again in 6 months for a follow up smear.
I was very relaxed about it until I started mulling it over, I’d been asked several times if I’d had any unusual bleeding and said no but now I realise what I thought was really odd close interval periods when I regained my periods after stopping breastfeeding probably wasn’t just them setting down but was odd bleeding between periods.
Also I’d put a bit of discomfort during intercourse down to a bout of thrush (thrush was confirmed by my smear)
So I note that cervical abnormalities are symptomless, might this mean it’s more likely to be cancerous?

Does anyone have a similar experience?
Am I being foolish making 2+2=5

Now I’ve potentially another 3 1/2 weeks to worry myself insane

Thank for reading, any hand holding appreciated x


I'm sorry to here you are going through this worrying time. Its totally normal that your brain will rush ahead to thinking the worst and easier said than done, but try not to let it get out of control. There is just as much chance everything is fine and the treatment got rid of all the CIN and how would you feel if you knew that? Those are the feelings to cling on to, they are just as valid as the negative ones and nothing your thinking can change anything, so think happy thoughts and get lots of cuddles from your little boys :-) Symptoms are very different from person to person and having recently had a baby could be a reason for changes to your period. At least you have had your treatment now so be hopeful its all good news.

I would advise that when you get your results from the lletz that you ask them if you had 'clear margins'. Unclear margins, in my experience, means you should have more detailed follow up e.g. pap smear and colposcopy as some cells are left behind ( and can clear up on their own, but need checking). Clear margins, then they got it all.

wishing you all the best and positive vibes that the results are that you are CIN free xx

Thank you AmyT, just talking through worries with people who understand makes everything seem a bit less dark and foreboding. good tip on making sure of margins, when you're in the middle of it that's the sort of thing I'd forget to find out. 

I let myself have a good cry this morning, I think it's necessary sometimes.