Reaction to Biopsy

Day5 after Cervical Biopsy

So the short backstory is, I had an abnormal smear in 2009, that biopsy came back positive for CIN3, , it was treated with a LLETZ procedure, had a check up a month later, then every six months for a couple years, then stopped having them, last smear was in 2014 and it was clear, (I was 17 years old for the positive smear 18 for the LLETZ)

Jump to this month (August 2018), I went for a long overdue papsmear the first week of the month, mostly because I was getting letters every fortnight from the dr's saying I needed one..

So when I got the pap done, the doctor noted that I had a small amount of blood, and a lot of mucus, I also had what seems to he a cervical polyp and a lot of scartissue (the last observation got me worried as i know my cervix wasn't badly scarred), she gives me a refferal for a Gyno and an ultrasound and sends me on my way. 

After this appointment I realised I had been having symptoms that I stupidly didnt even link to cervical issuies, like bleeding/spotting everyday for the last 5 months, having nausea and vomiting for 4 months ( have Trigeminal Nuralgia so put it down to that) pain and bleeding during examinations (the pap and ultrasound made me bleed)

The smear was positive for HGSL and HPV, ultrasound was clear and a few weeks later i was wondering why the gyno office haven't contacted me, so rang them up and it turned out they never got my results, i organise for the results to get sent over to them, then not even 20 minutes later, I get a call asking for me to come in that afternoon by the gyno himself.

Biopsy day

Once the gyno saw my cervix he asked me if i was done having kids, and asked his student doctor if she could see, he took three biopsies, and I started to hemorage, a procesure was done to stop the bleeding, and I was then able to go to his office and was handed some information on a procedure that involves a camera going inside my uterus.

I was told he will call me with the resuts this week and booked me in for another appointment.

Now to the question I have, has anyone continued to bleed for 5 or more days post biopsy? How much blood and mucus is to much?

Also can anyone share if they had multiple biopsies and the outcome be not so bad?



I had my first colposcopy last wednesay and they took 3 biopsies. I bled on and off until yesterday and i'm still spotting a little today. So at least 5 days.