reaccurance of abnormal cells


New to this but feeling lost and confused. 

I had my first ever smear back in April last year after turning 25. 

Results came back to say i have abnormal cells and that i will be sent for a colposcopy. 

Attended the colposcopy and was told i was hpv positive and after taking a couple of biopsies recieved a letter to say the cells were CIN2. 

I was called back in September 2014 for LLETZ treatment which i was told was almost 100% effective. 

Over the Christmas i started having extreme lower abdominal pain so went straight back to the doctors to get checked over. I was told i had to wait until March for another smear even though the pain was excruciating. 

Went back for a smear the earliest i could have it which results came back that the cells are back. 

Im devasted. Wandering whats going to happen next? I have an appointment for another colposcopy in 2 days time. 

Has anyone else had a similar experience? What treatment is offered next. 

Iv read that a hysterectomy is sometimes considered if the cells reaccure. I have no children but obviously would love them one day in the future. 

Thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated. 




Sorry to hear they have reoccured. Just wanted to give you some reassurance regarding your comment about a hysterectomy.  Surgeons will only do radical surgery in extreme cases especially as you are young and want children.  I have a different situation to you. I had cancer, very small 1b1 diagnosis and I was offered a cone biopsy which is a small step up from LLETZ. I wanted to share this with you because like you I cried for days thinking I would never have the choice to have children.  

They may offer you a second LLETZ to deal with the CIN2. 

I wish you all the best,


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for replying. 

I just cant seem to relax. And i always think the worse! I just cant help it. 

The wait between receiving that letter and the actual appointment drags!

Im sorry to hear what you have been through. 

In one way i hope they take the next step up from the LLETZ. As that obviously didnt work last time. That was under local anesthesia last time. Maybe they might remove a larger area and put me under general this time. 

Colposcopy is Wednesday so dont have to long to wait now!

Thanks again Michelle