re-post: No results just letter to see consultant. scared!

I’m feeling a little scared so hoping someone in a similar situation can help put my mind at ease. I’ve started at the beginning to help.
I had a smear last summer which came back as borderline (with evidence of hpv infection.) Had a Colpo September but whilst there consultant said he could see the abnormalities & I agreed to the loop diathermy there & then. 3 wks later I received a letter (just copy of letter to my GP) which stated I had CIN3 & CGIN3. I was rather shocked but as they’d also sent me an appt for 6mths time I thought it can’t be serious.

2 wks later however I get a letter saying my case had been discussed at a correlation (mtd?) meeting & I needed more treatment. Happened to see my GP several days later who checked my report & she said I didn’t have clear margins so they need to repeat the Colpo.

So, early Dec I went for 2nd Colpo but this time it felt slightly different. I didn’t ask any questions at the time as I felt violated & just wanted to leave but do remember the consultant asking me if I had any children. (At 38 i don’t :frowning: )

Early Jan i telephoned to chase results and was told they’d taken a deeper sample & my case was going back to a meeting & then they’d ring or write. 3 days ago I received a letter with an appt to see the consultant. No explanation, no results.

Will they just discuss the results? Does this mean I’ll have to go in for GA to have a higher biopsy or is this something more serious. Appt is for 12th April so feels like ages to wait.

Thankyou in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this long post.


I can understand that you're worried, but the fact that your appointment is not until April is a good sign.  Waiting lists or not, if they are really worried they call you in very quickly.

These days it's not unusual for cases of CIN III to be referred to a multi-disciplinary team or whatever.  Maybe you could ask your GP to get your results and go over them with you.  Not knowing is really terrible, because one imagines all sorts of things.

Big Hugs



Thankyou fatcat57. Yes, I guess you are right. It’s just that they sent me the results the 1st time round so not sure why they haven’t this time. Anyway, I’ve seen one or two other posts on this site today where women are dealing with stage 4 cc so I’m now staying quiet. My worries are miniscule compared to what other women are dealing with. Thankyou for reading my post & reassuring me. It has helped.


I really just wanted to reiterate what had already been said, which is that if there was anything sinister there, they would have seen you by now. I suspect the reason they haven't sent you the results in the letter is because they want to discuss the different options with you at your appointment and explain your results to you in person. This is normal and is not an indication that you've anything more worrying than CIN/CGIN. If you had a cancer result, you would have been telephoned and asked to go in to see them within a few days. 

Waiting is horrible, but try and take comfort from the idea that the very fact that you are having to wait as long as you are is a good sign (if that makes sense!)! 

Also, please don't think that just because there are other people who are dealing with things that you regard as 'worse' than your situation, that you should 'stay quiet' and not voice how you feel. You are entitled to feel however you feel and you are entitled to be here if you want to be. 

Good luck with it all. Keep us updated! :-) 

Annabel. x

Thankyou for your kind words Annabel. I’m trying to focus on other things instead of second guessing the consultant. Lol. I’m hoping it’s just to give me the results & discuss follow-ups but i suspect they’ll want to do a day case op/more investigations (my view on a good day) or talk hysterectomy (my view on a bad day, especially as at 38 I’m feeling sensitive about having not had children yet.) Thanks again people. You are all so friendly & supportive.