Re-living it

So yesterday at work we had Sports Day. It suddenly hit me that it was around this day last year the pain started. I thought then I had a nasty UTI. Lower back pain and hurts when I pee. As it turned out it was the build up of blood and clots in my womb putting pressure on my bladder.

Now my back aches but i realise its probably from the treatment and im on my feet all day.

Anyone else re-live those moments?
Im dreading when work ends (2 weeks ) as thats when the problems really kicked in.
And now im feeling like Im back there with my PET scan this Friday to tell me if the pesky wee bu***r is still lurking. I can’t help but feel this will be another Summer of misery. Im usually bouncing with joy this time of year with the thought of the Summer holidays

Sorry just needing a vent…

Hi Shammy,

Vent away it’s good to get it off your chest!

I felt the same a few weeks ago as it was a year since my first surgery and everything else that had happened before it. Its a strange feeling, i think while you are in treatment everything is a bit of a whirlwind and then when it all comes to an end your brain doesn’t really know what to do. Well mine didnt anyway :rofl:

The thought of the scan will be making you anxious too, which is completely normal. I get in a panic just having a telephone appointment with the doctor! Haha.

Hopefully though you will get clear results and can enjoy this summer and try and put that awful year behind you.

Sending you a big hug

Amy xx

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Totally understand where you’re coming from @Shammy716 and think what you’re feeling is really normal. It was around this time last year that I had a bleed which was the first sign of my recurrence. Then my summer was taken up by a whirlwind of colposcopy, EUA, biopsies, scans and general panic. Something about the sunshine is giving me anxiety—the opposite of what it’s supposed to do! :joy:

Got everything crossed for good news from your PET scan and hope this is a much better summer for both of us xxx

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You aren’t alone in this @Shammy716. I am sure we all have our triggers that take us back, and it especially makes sense for you considering what you are going through right now. Right now my triggers are being in a room with a closed door (three days of brachytherapy with door getting shut and locked), being a passenger in a car (no control over what’s happening). Yesterday I went to get blood work done and they had trouble because my veins are scarred on my right arm and I cried all the way home - having never been a “crier” and knowing full well it all made sense. We all need to be gentle with ourselves and expect a little anxiety/PTSD from time to time.

Sending good vibes your way. :relaxed::two_hearts:

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