Re-curring stage 4...just found out

My 1st post, just joined tonight, i found out the week before christmas that my cancer has come back (after getting the all clear 12 months ago) and it is now stage 4...gone through EVERY emotion, from anger, frustration, tearful to now numb!!

Hi Janey,

i didn't want to read nd run hun, I can understand how you feel, I was 3b to start wih and you can see fom my sig how I was treated. Had further ongoing issues since as a result of treatment , bowel surgery and illeostomty, and reversal and now refered back to surgeon because of abscess at the bottom of scar. But what I wanted to say is keep your chin up hun they will do the very best for you and I'm sure in 12 months time you will be bak on here tellin others how wonderful ou feel sorry for spelling mistakes blida iPad . Take care hun and pm me if you want to speak  more xxxxxxx

Aww Janey, Im sorry you are going through this.  This is the news we all fear following treatment or further down the line as has happened with you.  I have just finished treatment and know my life ha changed forever as there will be ths constant fear.  I'm not sure what I can say other than, I'm here if you want to chat or a rant.  When you are ready, let us know how you are feeling and anymore details about what happens next and we can all help support you in this as much as we possibly can.  Stay strong Janey, we are thinking of you



Hi Janey,

I can't even begin to fully understand the raft of emotions that you are going through hun, and can't really offer any advice except to say that there are people on here who have had similar and will hopefully be able to give you the sort of information that will help you get your head around everything...

Huge hugs,

Ceri xx

Hi all, I am new to this site, a friend of mine recommended it for me. I have metastic cervical cancer of the lymphnodes and bones, I have just completed carbotaxol chemotherapy, cycle 1 to 3 shrunk the cancer in size by half, but 4,5, and 6, have done nothing. My tumour markers that had decreased very greatly in the beginning of chemotherapy have recently risen dramatically, so I am now awaiting another ct scan to see what is going on with the cancer. I hopping thaheir hasn't progressed any further than it was originally. Obviously with my cancer as advanced as it is when found it had returned, I am trying everything I can in my power to try to hold the cancer back as long as possible. I am only 35, and a mum of four young children, ages 14, 9, 8 and 5. I am here looking for some support, as I am petrified of dying, and the emotions that go through your head can be unbearable at times. It's hard to talk to family and friends as they have trouble knowing what to say to you, just in case they put there foots in it, as so to speak. I have felt angry, hurt, why me, etc....... But now since I have heard the cancer is active again, I am really worried at what the next step there is for me. As the chemo I just had didn't really do a great deal. It would be great to hear from someone, who is in the same situation as me, and knows where I am coming from. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Janey & Heidi

Welcome Jo’s, I’m glad that you have found the site but sorry that like us all here that you have had to.

Iwas diagnosed with mets in May 2012 and started chemo for palliative care in June. It was a tough few months going through the treatment but have been lucky enough to have received great news in my latest scan which was 2 months since my last cycle of chemo. The tumour markers have gone and although my bones were not specifically looked at they were commented upon as clear when previous scan had shown healing ( when re diagnosed I had cancer in my spine and bone in my shoulder). I am under a trial although not taking the trial drug as had to be taken off it a few weeks into treatment, this means that I get scanned every 2 months so next scan is March. I am now in wait and watch territory.

Janey- there are a few ladies being treated at the same hospital as me who had to come off the trial drug and who are 12 months post treatment and are still stable with no new growth so hopefully once you start treatment you can achieve this success too.

Heidi I am sorry to hear that you initially saw good result but now the cancer is growing. Is there maybe a different chemo combination that they use. I have answered your post under ‘Treatment’ but I do know a couple of ladies who started on one type of chemo and have swapped as they were not responding. Have you been referred to a Macmillan nurse? In my experience with mine she has a lot of access to services that they can refer to you. I have not been for counselling as yet but I think at some point I will, ofhers who have been have said it has really helped. My local hospice is great too and offers complimentary therapy like massage and reflexology which is free. I have used this during my first, second and third treatment and found it helped me to relax and gather my thoughts. Maybe your local hospice can help with this too.
Jo’s also run support groups that you may find useful to attend not sure where your are in the country but if you look under ‘support’ there is a list of where the groups are running.

Good luck to both of you and please come back on and keep us updated. This was you will receive support and someone may come on who can offer a different experience that might help.

Thanks Lou x