rapid access clinic

Hi everyone my names steph am 27

Past 2 and a half months ive been getting irregular bleeding in between my normal periods. First started with thick brown discharge then light pink spotting. On some occasions id get a bit of pain an a bit of fresh red blood. Then after christmas i had a bleed after intercourse. It wasnt a lot but again fresh red.
I am not on any form of hormone based contraception i use condoms with my long term partner. My periods are like clock work every month same date.

Booked myself in for a smear test 4 weeks ago at my drs were the nurse said “you cant just book in youre not due one til june” she did how ever check my cervix and seen an erosion but “wasnt 100% sure” dr checked this out and agreed it was an erosion.

Last week (25th jan) i started bleeding heavily were i was changing my clothes about 3/4 times a day pains were so strong behind my belly button and lower. Went to my gp (28th) who prescribed me with norethisterone and referred me to the rapid access clinic. Day 5 on tablets bleed as eased now getting old brown blood but if i go about my day i get really bad pain and fresh red blood. My app for the clinic is on the 9th and i am petrifyed. Anyone got any advice
Sorry this is a long post.
Thank you in advance

Ive also just been reading on here about the effects of vitamin d. I have an insufficency. Its not too low and its not high.. now am really worried about all my symptoms. Still 7 days until i go for my tests. Am worried sick.