Random question?

My specialist nurse is an absolute nightmare to get a hold of, I'm wondering if any of you know of it's ok for me to continue taking the contraceptive pill after adenocarcinoma diagnoses? It says through treatment I should be taking a reliable form of contraceptive but I'm scared to just go ahead incase it makes things worse.


Hi there
Hope you’re ok?
I carried on taking my pill throughout… The only time I was told to stop was a month before my operation then I had to wait 3 months after to go back on.
I can’t even remember the reason why! I think it was to do with the risk of DVT etc.
Take care … Em xx

I'm going through chemo and radiation and just wondered if it would make everything worse causing a hormone change :/ xx

hi charlene I Wernt on the pill I had the implant and a when I had my treatment plan meeting they asked me to get it removed. not sure tho if its the same for the pill? Sorry couldn't be much help! Hope your doing ok hun xx

Hi Charlene.


firstly sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I asked the same question to my GP as i was unsure if this was a factor in me getting cc. She brought out a chart and there was certain pills they would advise you not to take and ones that were ok to keep taking which mine was ( currently on mini pill cerezette), i would maybe try and book in with your doctor.

Hope that helps.