Random bleeding


I will get to the point!

couple of nights ago I was intimate with my hubby & today after my wee, there was brown blood & also pinkish tinge on paper.  I have mire a coil so I don't have periods. I had my mire a coil fitted after my smear in 2012 which incidently was clear.  I have had spotting every few weeks or months but never really paid attention until now since cin3 diagnosis. So today has been rubbish for me as felt very tearful. My lettz is booked for wed 12th August.  Does anyone else experience this because of their coil or have I just been blissfully unaware of something more sinister? 

I just don't want to get paranoid but at the same time I need to rationalise so I don't go crazy between now & next week. 

Thanks in advance



jun15 smear

july 15 colposcopy cin3 hvp+

aug 15 Lletz


I'm sorry you've had an abnormal result, I understand how upsetting it is. They'll obviously have a thorough look when they do your colposcopy and treatment, and of course do mention the spotting. You asked about the coil, which of course can affect everyone differently. I don't have it but my friend does, she has a lot of spotting, she's bled after sex and after smears, even had heavy bleeding with mirena coil (which it was supposed to help stop). She's always had normal smears and they put her experience down to the coil. Obviously I don't know if this is what's causing your spotting, but I wanted to let you know that the coil can cause these things in some women.

It's good they've picked up the changes so that they can now treat them, as awful as this whole exprience is.

Take care and I wish you all the best for your colposcopy.