Raising money for jo's

At the moment this forum is being a god send to me and helping me through this very differcult stage in my life so when I’m better I would like to raise money to make me feel iv done my bit to say thanks for all the support.
In August next year a group of us have decided to do a 2 day charity ride on our horses over dartmoor ( each person will pick their chosen charity) obviously I will raise sponsorship for Jo’s and would like to dress the horse and me to show passer bys what we are doing so does anybody know if I can buy a t shirt and do they do their own sponsorship forms? Who’s the best person to speak to about this, does anybody know?
Many thanks

Good for you. 


There are t shirts in the 'get involved/fundraiser/support materials' they also do cycling tops and running vests. There are collecting tins, sponser forms and all you need. I've ordered lots of bits over the years and it all comes quick.

Brill thanks very much :)

Hi Monster,

I am so pleased you have found the forum so helpful and a source of support. It's fantastic that you would like to raise money for us, thank you so much. So looking forward to seeing pictures of your dressed up horse!!

We can provide you with a t shirt, sponsorship forms, and other useful materials. You can contact us by emailing fundraising@jostrust.org.uk or calling the office on 0207 250 8311 and one of our fundraising team will be able to help you. 

Thank you so much again and if there is anything else I can help with please let me know 

Best wishes


Thank you very much I will be in touch nearer the time :)