Radiotherapy treatment stage 1b1 (fertility/children mentioned)

Hi all,

After what has been the longest month of my life I’ve finally been told what treatment I’m going to be having. Radiotherapy with a bit of chemo. Im devastated as I was praying for the Trachelectomy. I went to see my consultant yesterday and he explained that the cancer is confined to the cervix & my lymph nodes are clear but when he did the EUA he took some biopsys and these come back with my worst fear, aggressive cancer. Therefore he couldn’t perform the surgery as he and the team at the MDT meeting said the cancer could have already spoutthee these tiny cancer cells aren’t visible to the eye nor are they visable under microscope. I’m so gutted as I wanted to try for a baby at the end of the year. I already have an 18 month old daughter but I’m only 23 and wanted more. i know I’m very lucky as everyone keeps saying but I feel like I’ve been robbed. However because I already have a child apparently they won’t freeze my eggs and Id have to go private. I don’t know where to begin, how much does this cost? What’s the process? It’s all a nightmare I’m totally numb with it all.

I was also wondering what radiotherapy is going to be like? What should I expect etc. My consultant told me to expect traaeatment mon to frI for 4 weeks!

any advice would be great.

love Sophia xxx

Hi Sophia. I understand you are devastated but its fantastic that the radiotherapy is going to give you the best chance of seeing your little girl grow up. I have just got to the end of 28 sessions. I have been to the hospital every day Mon to Fri for 5 1\2 weeks. I was nervous at first but the radiographers are so lovely and explain everything. I had to remove my shoes and skirt and lie on a bed. When planning your treatment they put some permanent marks on your skin. I have three. One just below each hip and one in the middle on my pubic area. Each session they line up beams with these marks to deliver the treatment. For the first few weeks I was reversed into a tube (open at the top) not claustrophobic. The radiographers left the room and i had a scann (5 mins). Then they come back, check you haven't moved and leave again. My treatment took 7 mins. It is no different from the scan, just a bit noisier. You feel nothing. Then you are done. Most days I was in and out in an hour. This last week I have been on a more up to date machine which was robotic and moved around me instead of going into a tube. Once a week there is a clinic where I see my consultant or the specialist nurse to check how I am. They have kept close tabs on my blood and urine taking samples each week. It is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any side effects. Ask for some moisturiser early days (they give you one that won't interfere with the xrays. Mine was qv. Lather it on all the way round. Just these last few days my skijn is discolouring and feeling ng tender. I have used the cream but was a bit slow in starting. Go commando whenever you can. Any friction non your skin in that area aggravates. Pay special attention yo the top of your bum crack (sorry). I have not had diarrea but again just the last week or two going to the toilet is painful. For me its 5 mins out of my day so I cope. I'm told it should get better onvce the treatment finishes. Radiotherapy continues to work for up to 2 weeks after they stop giving it to you, and then the side effects start wearing off. It has gone quickly and I am sleeping a lot. I have a horrid traste in my mouth so I such foxes glacier fruits. Reading back this is a ramble but I felt reassured when I read similar a few months ago. You can do this. Best of luck x

I have also recently finished my radio / chemo sessions - im 4 weeks since the last treatment.   My experience is exactly as 'P' says above.  All the staff I met were fabulous and although they were very busy and time pressured, they always had time to answer any questions.

I cant help with regards to your question about freezing your eggs, but most consultants should be able to advise, even recommend someone private for you to investigate.   Goid luck ....

By the time I got to the end of my treatment and had the brachy treatments I was extremely tired and had to sleep in the day.  I also struggled with painful 'no 2's'..... I would be in tears when going and a lot of pain for a few hours.  The dr gave me some gel that helped, and after a week both of these side effects had eased and within 10 days they were gone.   It was hard at the time, but it does pass and you will get there....

Hope this helps put your mind at rest....   for me the treatment was no where near as bad as I imagined...... just take each day as they are, listen to your body and tick off each treatment

Good luck


hi guys, just wondering... how is the treatment set out? is it chemo first then radio once the tumors small enough or are they both delivered at the same time?? Ive been told chemo will be a session every 3 weeks but they havent mentioned how often the radio will take place... I live quite far from the hospital so hoping it wont be daily otherwise ill have to stay in hospital away from the family...


Hope all is going well for the ladies out there undergoing treatment xx

Hi Kitty

The time table (I guess) will depend on the treatment - for me it was daily (week days) radio and one day a week cisplatain chemo, followed by 3 sessions of brachy.  

Its probably best to call the hospital and ask them for the details as your chemo sessions are every 3 weeks

Fingers crossed for you xx

hi tracey,

looks like its going to be taxil/carbo for 6 sessions first every 3 weeks the after that start radio mon - fri with 6 sessions cisplatin and 2 brachy... its weird coming to terms with all the jargon!!! all starts friday so bring it on you evil lump in my life grrr lol