Radiotherapy? further cc found at 1b1 stage

Update on 17th March - I just had a call from my Consultant to say that since tests following my operation the found I am at stage 1B1 most of which was removed during the operation but found there were more cells in my cervix area and that I will now need radiotherapy, the MDT will discuss this on Wednesday and will be in touch with regards to when and what I should have done - I am starting to worry now, I felt a lot more positive after my operation now feel I have been dragged down to earth with a nasty bump!

Hi, it has been 11 days following my total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral oopherectomy following diagnosis of two endometrial cancers at stage 1A1 (on 4th February 2014). I have had ongoing tests for this since July 2013. On my 11th day I still have obvious pains and soreness but am hoping this will slowly get better. Apart from feeling guilty for not doing anything around the house and relying on my mother and daughters to help, apart from feeling absolutely bored, I feel OK, I have had some occasional very light sweats but not bad enough to bother me. Along with other medications I hae sat on my bedside table HRT parches (oestrogen only), only I am not sure whether to start using them. I have read on various health sites, lots of benefits of starting and lots of bad side effects, mainly increasing chances of recurrence of cancer, heart disease, etc., I am really at a lost of what is best. I have watched videos of women who used HRT and said it made them feel great, and women who got in with their life getting fitter and healthier and who havent suffered badly at all without having to take HRT. I am currently 42 years and am currently awaiting the results of tests of my removed bits and bobs to tell me whether I need further treatment or not. Any advice or experience anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

Cath x

June 2103 - Abnormal results from smear test

July 2013  - First colposcopy (biopsy)

September 2013 - Ultrasound scan (cyst on left ovary found)

December 2013 Further Colposcopy (biopsy)

December 2013 - Further ultrasound (cyst disappeared!)

January 2014 - LLETZ treatment and further bopsy

4th February 2014 - Diagnosed with endometrial cancer

9th February 2014 - MRI scan - 2 endometrial cancers found at Stage 1A1

6th March 2014 - Total abdominal hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries

Awaiting results from tests from operation


my journey with HRT...

I did not get my prescription until 6 weeks after my surgery so i can attest as to the menopause and i'm not ready yet!  I am now on my second type of hormone and at last i am finally feeling like normal and great.  if this isn't right you will feel just as bad unfortunately.

i had physical symtoms and more importantly the emotional side effects of the menopause i was't ready for my family to go through years of that!