Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy Just 2 x brachytherapy to go any advice?

Hi all,

haven't posted on here for a while as I've been so busy with treatments!  

wow, what a hectic past 4 weeks it has been as well. I am 23 and was diagnosed with CC staged 1b1 after I went to the doc to tell them about abnormal bleeding between periods. Not for one minute did I think it was the C. I had hoped to have a Trachelectomy and thought the worst case was that I was going to be told I would have had to have a hysterectomy. To my horror I got told the worst news ever and that I was to have radiotherapy everyday for 4 weeks & 4 chemo's (cisplatin) oh and 2 bracytherapys!! I'm very lucky as I already have a 20 month old daughter however I'm 23 & being told I would no longer be able to have children has crushed me. If it wasn't for my daughter I don't know how I would have coped through these past 3 months (was diagnosed 25th feb) ... I have done though, I started radiotherapy & the chemo, at times it was hard, I was so tired on some days I literally felt like I couldn't even talk it was that much of an effort lol. Also the chemo side effects kicked in always about 2 days after I actually had it, I managed to keep the sickness at bay with medication & I found eating salty foods helped, eating really did help. Also drinking lots of water. One of the chemo side effects are temporary loss of hearing and oh my it was like my head was under water constant which was so frustrating. As for the radio, they say your skin is effected and can get sore but mine has been fine, I used aquaous (not sure how to spell it) i everyday around my pelvic area and I did that from day one so maybe that helped me there. Also the bowel situation wasn't too bad I had a week where I went more frequent & a lot looser but I think your bowels get used to it & it has settled now but they do give you medication for that if you have problems. Also they say your vagina can hurt but mine isn't at all! So what I'm tryying to say ladies is if your about to go through treatment like this, be prepared for the worst but hope for the best because not everyone is the same & you may or may not experience all of those scary side effects. Because I know I was so scared & I can't actually believe I'm touch wood feeling great considering today I had my last radiotherapy yaaaaaaaaaaay :-) there was times when I thought I wasn't going to make it to today but I did. i now have a week off and I'm in next Tuesday for my first brachytherapy. 19 hours in a room on my own and I am so scared its untrue, I'm scared of the pain it may cause & I'm scared I'm not going to be able to lie still for 19 hours? Any advice is truly welcome.

Lots of love Sophia xxxx

Hi Sophia,

I just wanted to say well done your nearly there! I was diagnosed last year at the age of 24, I had the same treatment as you a year on and im

starting to move on with my life. Luckily I have 2 boys so although being infertile is gutting I get through it. I had brachytherapy, however i can't help much as I only had to be hooked up for 10 mins.

best of luck I'm sure you will be fine!


laura xxxx

Hi Sophia

I dont have any advise for the brachytherapy, mine was a differnet type of brachytherapy - the actual treatment was about 30 mins, but with prep, scans and recovery time it took about 3-4 hrs.

I wish you luck and so pleased to read that you have got this far with only minor side effects - like you I found eating made me feel better and keeping busy

Good luck


hi guys, just cam on here to check whats been going on and as this was the first post i clicked on was delighted that youre doing so well Sophia. I have just had my session of carbo/taxol for 6 sessions in 6 weeks and to be honest I feel better than could ever be expected. my hair has fallen out at the front so im like something out of mars attacks with a huge forehead but i still have the back and my facial hair decided to stay put which is awesome, would hate having to paint on eyebrows etc lol. After the first 2 sessions the pain stopped which was the main problem and after 3 sessions the bleeding stopped so obviously the beast has shrunk which is amazing! I now have to go through the next  weeks with the cisplatin treatment on top of radio and in the last 2 weeks im also having brachy but first things first. Either way i was worried about the word 'chemo' but it hasnt bothered me inthe slightest side effect wise and as Sophia says, its so daunting, the news and everything you have to take in but it affects everyone different and I hope that if anyone out there is reading these with the same diagnosis and treatment plan it calms your worries... expect the worst and hope for the best, it's not necessarily going to have the worst outcome. Just hope it helps as I know reading about the worst case scenarios freaks everyone out and most people dont write into forums etc when things are going well so just a chin up note guys ...


Hoping things are working out for all our ladies out there... feel so crap for those suffering I cant imagne what youre going through and my heart goes out to u all xxxx

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Thank you. Your posts are helpful and inspiring. Good luck with the next bit of your treatment.