Radiotherapy bleeding??

Hi ladies, i am currently going through a recurrence of cervical cancer after a radical hysterectomy last year (no residual disease was identified at the time so I had no further treatment) I now have a 5cm tumour in my pelvis and invading my bowel. I had my first external radiotherapy yesterday and this morning when I went to the toilet I had a fair bit of bleeding with little clots in has anybody experienced this?? I know I am unusual in that I have no cervix but still have an opening in the vaginal vault caused by the tumour. I also have had to have a colostomy (hopefully temporary!) so this is definitely vaginal bleeding. Could the radiotherapy have caused this after just one session? And is it a known side effect because it’s not one they have mentioned to me! Thanks ladies any help would be greatly appreciated x

Hi. I had a bit of bleeding during treatment.  Have you mentioned it to your team?

Hi Maelise :-)

I'm sorry I have no similar experience with which to help you but I just wanted to send you hugs


I hope it sorts itself out swiftly for you :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi maelise

I haven't had hysterectomy but I did bleed during radiotherapy..started off just a little bit then a lot the point I had to av new scans because my cervix moved..apparently I had 2 large haematomas in my womb which had held my cervix in a certain way. one point I was passing huge clots .I was just told that the tumour I had causes bleeding...last time I bled was the nite before my last brachytherapy which was Dec 28th and I haven't bled hopefully urs will stop soon xx

Thank you ladies, the bleeding only lasted for the first 3 days so hopefully that's the end of that! Week one down and so far so good, just enjoying a couple of days break with my family now, 6 weeks to go!! Xx

Hi there I hope you don’t mind me messaging.
I have had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and I have just read your post and was so shocked, how the cancer come back when you’ve had hysterectomy?
Hope you are well xz