Hi. Anyone know how long radiotherapy continues to work for after the last treatment? Should have asked after last one but I was too desperate to get the he## out of there...

Hello there.  I think that the radiation doesn't stay in the body very long, that is why it is given every day.  I believe that as soon as you've had the last session it would be gone pretty quickly.  I remember the radiologist telling me I wouldn't be radioactive or need to keep away from people because I'd had treatment.

I'm sure there's more info on websites like Macmillan or Cancer Research UK, if you want it clarified.


Hi Helsweld,

Sharon is right, hospitals aren't sending radioactive people out onto the streets, but is that what you were asking? Or were you asking how long the symptoms continue for or how long you need to stay on the special diet? I can't remember for sure, possibly a week or two, maybe a tad longer. I'm sure your team won't mind you phoning to ask.

Go well


Well done for finishing treatment. My oncologist said to have an MRI scan three months after last treatment, as the radiotheraphy continues to work for that long.

 Big hugs, Mandy xxx


Hi and thanks for the replies! Yeah it was more about the side effects and how long I could expect things to continue after finishing and how long it continues to have an effect on cancer cells. I have been lucky in that there have been very few effects, no Imodium needed lol, just sore vaginal skin. I hope that doesn't mean it hasn't worked?!?


Hi Helsweld :-)

No, that doesn't mean it hasn't worked. :-) My first follow-up scan was ten weeks after I finished radiotherapy, or a bit over nine if you want to count from the final brachy.

Reading other women's posts on the forum teaches me that we are all different and some people seem to have long lasting side effects whereas some of us are luckier, so nobody can put a date on that one for you I'm sorry to say.

Be lucky