Radical Trachelectomy on Thursday

Hi all,


I haven't been on here for over a week as it's all been a bit of a whirlwind since my appointment with the consultant!

As this was my first appointment since diagnosis, as you can imagine I had loads of questions, but forgot to ask most of them, as you do! I found out my stage is 1B1, with a tumour about the size of a grape (which sounds massive to me!!) and I have adenocarcinoma cc, but also with squamas cells. The consultant said the adenocarcinoma cells develop in the cervical canal, so mine is quite high up, which is why when I had my LLETZ the doctor said it didn't look like I cancer - it was hiding too high up.

Anyway, to get to the point, I have a radical trachelectomy booked for Thursday, I'm going into hospital tomorrow - although I'm not sure why as I've already had my pre op? But, got to do as we're told!! They're doing it abdominally, which I queried and they said they don't do keyhole from my hospital, so I could request to go to a different one but that would be a lot of hassle and I would have a longer wait for the procedure.

My CNS told me I should have received a leaflet about post op recovery, but I haven't. Has anyone else on here had this procedure done abdominally? What's the recovery time like?


Thanks ladies :) xx

Hi all, talking to myself I know! First sign of madness! I guess nobody had any tips or info for me, as I guess keyhole is the norm for this op. Anyhow, I'm out the otherside, and I'll do a more thorough update when I'm back home (hopefully sunday) xx


Sorry I don't know the answer to your question as I have to have a radical hysterectomy week after next which will be performed abdominally. Have you gone in for op, or was it just for an appointment? Hope your operation goes well and you make a speedy recovery.

Joanne x

Hi matey,

I know I've "P.M. ed" u but thought I'd make sure u don't look mad!!!

hope ur not feeling too sore today and that u get out on Sunday, it's so much better when u finally get home and sink onto the sofa.... make sure the heating is on before u get home as is freezing outside... So miserable! And it's rain rain forecast so ull need ur winter woollies, boots and brolly when u leave!


xxx dons

Hope everything goes okay.fingers crossed !xxxxxxxxxxx

Hope everything goes okay.fingers crossed !xxxxxxxxxxx