Radical trachelectomy - 1st period after surgery

Before op I was told that my 1st period might be more painful than normally after radical trachelectomy. I am now 2 days overdue and rather than having period I have reddish discharge that has strange scent. I am worrying I might have developed an infectionL




Went to my GP today and got some antibiotics to fight the infection. I am worried even more now as she wasn’t convinced it was an infection ….. she spoke with a fellow from Churchill Hospital who said I should be contacting them directly to bring my 1st post-surgery follow up appointment forward should my symptoms worsen. Still no sign of my period and my stomach is getting more sore now.  


Hi there,  I haven't expereinced this myself post trach but I do know that women can struggle to expel the blood after the op.  There can be scar tissue which means that the blood from your period is coming out much more slowly and painfully.  I believe they call ths cevical stenosis.  If it is this, don't panic they can do a little procedure to fix it.   The only thing that sounds slightly odd to me is the smell.  Is this very bad smelling or just different to usual?  

As with any concern it is best to see your team at the hospital - even it its just to put your mind at rest.  I had some odd swelling after my op so moved my appointmen forward and they were great.  Also, just because you are being advised to see your team early I wouldn't panic about this - they will just want to check that everything is healing properly.  It does not mean that something sinister is going on.  

Do you have a CNS (cancer nurse specialist) you can call?  You should have i think...I am often on the phone to mine and she is great. She will advise if you need to be seen earlier and will arrange it.

Hope it sorts itself out xxx


I too am experiencing first post trach period which seems fairly normal although I am now on 13th day. I don't really know if it warrants contacting my care team. i was told to tell them if I had foul-smelling discharge though so I think you should contact your team to make an earlier appointment.


Nellie I contacted my CNS as suggested and she put my mind at ease explaining that after surgery initial period is longer and at times more painful. Antibiotics sorted out my infection and since then I had my 1st post op appointment and was given an all clear. No cancer cells found in lymph nodes or tissue taken around tumour!!! I am over the moon.




Verity I am now on day 14 however if you worry call your CNS. Initially I thought I would be a nuisance but they were great and assured me I could contact at any time with any query.