Radical trach Stitch problems

Has anyone had or heard of the stitch being removed? I had my trach two year’s ago and am having problems being intimate. I have had the end trimmed down as far as is possible but this has not helped.
Thank You x

Hi, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of issues have you had? 

My uterus has closed over because of the stitch so I'm being dilated on he 22nd of November.

I have had the same, I seem to have healed!!! I have the monthly pains but no bleed. I have been back in and had a coil, and I did have a few very light bleeds. But once the coil was removed nothing again. So they plan to place another coil in. As mentioned, I have problems with the stitch and sex! It attacks with a passion. They have trimmed It as far as they can but thats all they can do, and didn’t seem impressed when I asked if it was possible to remove it! If u dont mind me asking what is the aim with the dilation ? x

Hi there!
Sorry to hear your having issues. I have had similar problems with healing. I have monthly pain but no bleeding - tried the coil worked, had it removed, one bleed then nothing. After 6 years I have frankly given up!
My stitch came lose about a year after the operation and then about a year ago it came out! Is yours lose or just sticking out? If you have it removed then they would need to do another stitch (probably abdominally) if you got pregnant but that it the only reason it is there.
Not sure whether that helps!
Good luck


thank you for replying. I have had the same problems with the pains and no bleed. They put a coil in, but when they took it out i had one bleed and nothing since. They want to put another coil in!! Its the end of the stitch, the doc said he had trimmed it as far as possible and there is onlya few mill left. This has not helped with the intimate issues though and is still attacking, scratching and cutting him. So much so it takes over a week to heal!! i did ask about having it removed but they didnt seem keen on the idea. I dont know what to do or who to ask for help now x

Hi sorry, I haven’t replied sooner.
The dilation is to re-open the uterus. I have 6 months of blood in there and a cyst apparently. He mentioned that he might put a coil in there, but isn’t a coil a contraceptive? I would like to start a family as soon as possible (I’m 36) so I definitely don’t want a contraceptive. I go in on Thursday for the dilation. Should be just a day surgery, but will be under general anaesthesia.
I’m sorry you have had problems with your stitch. I’m not quite in the same boat as intimacy has been very sparse. (Poor husband!). Have they given you a plan of what they intend to do? What’s the next steps for you?