radical radiotherapy

Please can someone provide me with a bit of positive news regarding radical radiotherapy and cistplatin and internal radiotherapy. My daughter is reading about major problems with bowels and bladder post treatment, and is not sure about going ahead with the treatment.

Hi. I had radio in the summer and it was absolutely fine! Had a bit of loose bowels and urgency with a little nausea, but nothing drastic. I didn't need the internal but I have heard it is not as bad as you would think. It's all not particularly pleasant, but it absolutely needs to be done! I hope she is ok x

Hi Carole,

It's true that some people have a bad reaction to some of those treatments, but I think it's fair to say that most of us are fine with it. If the bad outweighed the good then it wouldn't be offered as a treatment. In the unlikely event that Nicky begins to react badly then the treatment will be stopped anyway, so there is no reason whatsoever not to start and see how it goes. I hope some of the other women who have had these three therapies come along soon and we can have a show of hands to demonstrate how many of us there are without long term bowel and bladder issues.

Be lucky


Thank you x


As above,everyone of us has a different story,but the treatment works.

They know what they are doing, it's hard but got to be done.

Good luck and ask anything along the way to help.

All the very best

Becky x

Hi Carole 

I'm post the same treatment and had minor bowel and bladder problems. My bladder was funny after my hysterectomy and I found I couldn't pee at full power or wait as long for the loo. This noticeably improved within 3 months post treatment and my "I'm recovering" day was when I went to the loo and peed at full power (sorry maybe tmi). I am now 4ths post treatment and my bowels again buggered up by the hysterectomy and I still get daily trots. I am given imodium and I have been able to use them to regulate things. It has improved but it does seem to be taking a long time. In the grand scheme of things with a little preplanning and minimal observations on what I eat things have been ok. My oncologist said it will improve with time and my gp agrees he just dishes out pills. IBS sites don't relate to our damage but give some good advice to find out what triggers bad attacks. If it isn't controlled by the medication your daughter has the right to a second opinion. It is quite easy to request but waiting times as you know are generally ages but not everything to do with side effects are dealt with at cancer centers. A trained doctor relating to the area affected will be able to be more specific help. If she has pain elsewhere mention this to your doctor I get opiate based painkillers which cause constipation a really good side effect for me. Hope this helps but as we know everyone is different but mist muddle through and return to an almost or normal life so we are the newbies fingers crossed things will improve soon; take care best wishes Cal :-) 

Sorry I thought she had problems already it's early sunday morning and I'm catching up on emails after been away... But you have my experience and some advice if things go wrong. The radiotherapy team do everything to minimise damage the majority of people have less problems than people in the past. 

Thanks for your replies. It does help to hear from other people on this journey and I know that she reads them so hopefully it helps her to. What is people's perception of taking vitamin supplements. Thanks 

I was told no supplements and no alternative therapy until treatment


I would ask the consultant just to make sure.I know certain things react

badly with chemo.

Take care

Becky x

I was told simple vitamin tablet was ok to take as you need to keep your iron levels up, but nothing with antioxidants. 


My understanding of vitamin supplements generally is that they tend to be a higher dose than the body can absorb, in which case most of the vitamins are passed out as urine. A properly balanced diet should be all a body needs. Please correct me Helen if I am wrong here.

Be lucky


Nothing wrong with taking a daily vitamin, lets face it not all of us every day have our recommended 5 veg and fruit etc etc, plus some days you lack appetite especially when going through treatment.

As far as side effects from radiotherapy yes I have had some over the last 4.5 years, however they are a small price to pay, because i am sure that without treatment, I would not be here to talk about it.

If you check back on my previous posts you will find some helpful info for your daughter, I tried to repost it but it wont let me its coming up blocked!