Radical hysterectomy

Hi, had a radical hysterectomy on Tuesday, just wanting to know how long it normally takes for bowel to open. It’s day 5 lots s of wind and nothing else.


I had a RH on the 15th December. On the 6th day I started to take fybrogel twice a day. Dosent give you stomach ache like laxatives do.  6 weeks on and my bowels are not great but they are getting better. If I haven't been for a few days I start the fybrogel again,it really helps! 

Good luck! 

Hi I had mine 24/3/16. I waited far too long to sort out the bowel issue, I waited till the catheter was removed after 9 days! I do not recommend waiting that long, try and get something to help now. It was agony for ages cos I waited so long. It did take several months to return to normal. I still have the odd issue so I make sure I have plenty of stuff in the house to sort it out.  My gap gave me Laxido sachets and Senna tablets to get things moving and lactulose to make it softer.

hope you get things sorted soon and good luck for your recovery xx

Hi Taybrai :-)

I was kept in hospital until it sorted itself out. The staff were quite concerned because I took much longer than normal, I was in for about 13 days post-op and because I couldn't eat I was kept on a drip. It did get very depressing but it does, eventually, kick back in. Walking about a bit should help to remind it what it's supposed to be doing :-)

Be lucky :-)