Radical hysterectomy


I was diagnosed with CC on 12th Jan Stage 1b1, I'm booked in for a radical hysterectomy on 3rd March, I've been fine through all of this but now the nerves are starting to set in....

any advice would be much appreciated

Hi Jodie :-)

I'm sure you will be just fine :-) You've left us a bit of a huge blank sheet here, what is it you want advice about particularly?

Be lucky


advice on before and after opp and nothing I might need wld be a great help

Hi Jodie

I was diagnosed with 1b1 in Sept 2013 and had my Radical Hystercetomy Oct 2013 so will try and advise the best I can.  I was terrified before the op and listened to calming cd's to help me to relax.  I read lots of nice books, anything to keep my mind occupied so I didn't have to think about what was going on.  As it happened there was no need to be as scared as I was, the op experience was far better than I thought it would be.  I took with me big pants in a size bigger as your tummy will swell, loose nighties (I'm a PJ's girl but nighties are better with this), peppermint tea (can't recommend this highly enough to help with the post op wind & bloating), books and/or mags (I took my kindle and gossip mags which were easy reading) and I treated myself to nice soaps and mini toiletries.

I was in for 5 nights, had a catheter in which was taken out 4 days after the op and they released me once they knew I could pee and poo ok.  Whoever takes you home, get them to bring a soft pillow or cushion in with them to put under the seatbelt to protect your tummy.

When at home it's a case of slow and steady.  No bending or lifting and let people wait on you!  I had a device to pick things up (ie the post) to save bending.  Little walks to start with, building up gradually.  I used to really look forward to my daily walks and my neighbours used to look out for me to come out and have a chat.  Don't go rushing back to work before you are well and truly ready and then ask for a phased return if possible, you will feel very tired for quite a while.

I was lucky, there was no cancer in my lymph nodes so i didn't need chemo or radiotherapy and all my check ups to date have been clear.  It's not a walk in the park but the time does go quickly and you can soon start to get your life back.  Please feel free to pm me anytime you want to ask anything.

Wishing you lots luck for your op, try not to worry too much, we are all here for you and will give you lots of support.  You can do this!

Big hugs


Thank you so much Cheryl


ive already brought peppermint cordial but will also get tea, I'm looking into new books now 

it's nighties why are they all so thrumpy lol 

ive brought a fleecy blanket so will use that for on the way home 

and my lovely mum has taken 2 wks off work to stay with me then my aunt will be taking over, 

the main thing I want to be able to do after is walk my kids to school it's only 5 mins away so hopefully I will be able to do that the following wk

That's so lovely that your mum and aunt will be there for you.  I just had my mother in law for about 3 hours a day and she couldnt wait to get away (the feeling was mutual, lol!!).  I have a sister who lives about 3 hours drive away but she didnt even come to see me - last time I saw her was 2.5 years ago!!

You should be able to manage the school walk but just don't let the kids pull on you - I'm sure your mum or aunt will be there for support anyway.

Sainsburys nighties are very reasonable and not too frumpy either - too bad I didn't see them till afterwards!!!  Hubby bought me a couple from Matalan but they had buttons all down the front and I couldnt wear them as I had a vertical incision.

Oh yes, loose jog bottoms to wear on your journey home - easy to get on and off!



I am very lucky to have a big family and we are all very close, so they will all support me.

I've been trying to justify buying a tracksuit I've had my eye on but now I can for the journey home lol

and ive been looking online for nighties but will hit the shops this wk 

the thing I'm going to hate is being in hospital I know buy day 2 I will prob be crying my eyes out

Go for the tracksuit - reckon it will get a lot of wear post op back home when you are going for your walks!

It was my first big stay in hospital but must admit the support was amazing.  There were several ladies in the same situation so you don't feel alone and of course the dedicated Macmillan nurse team were also there and they give tremendous help and support.  The days went by quite quickly at the time.



Hi honey,

I had RH for stage 1b1 in November. Cheryl has given you great advice. Tesco has some nice nighties in at the moment, get them longish so you csn sit on chair without revealing too much. I found I needed throat lozenges, and lip balm is essential! I also brought ear plugs and an eye mask so I could sleep, hospitals are never totally quiet or dark! If you have a smartphone, audible is quite good, and I found I could play a stupid game on my phone when I couldn't manage to concentrate on reading. (Disco zoo!) 

DEFINITELY get big pants in a bigger size, and I am still wearing the loose trousers that I bought, anything else is still a bit uncomfortable.

when I got home I was very glad of my v shaped pillow, and I slept with a big cushion under my legs. 

If I think of anything else I'll come back! But feel free to pm me if you like.

big hugs, wishing you all the best.

Molly xxx