radical hysterectomy


I'm booked In for a radical hysterectomy on 13th August I have a few questions 

How long was everyone in hospital for ? 

What did you take in your hospital bag ? 

Thank you 

Hope it all goes well for you. I can’t help with what to take, but can send virtual hugs xx

Hi Natasha28,

I’m due a hysterectomy in the next few weeks too, don’t have a date yet but been reading up on loads of threads and they all more or less have the below as items to take with you:

* nighties 

* dry shampoo 

* lip balm

* support knickers (sloggi type)

* peppermint tea (presume this is for keyhole as they pump you full of air, not sure about abdominal)

*stuff for boredom (pad, books)

* face mist

* elasticated trousers\leggings

There is a thread on here in the treatment section called “hysterectomy in early 2019” which you may find useful.  

Hope your calmer than me about the whole thing, I’m petrified of surgery.  Hope all goes well when the time comes and you have a quick recovery!

Dee xx

Thank you both for your reply

I'm not to scared just more happy it will be over soon feels like it's been forever 

I hope you get your date soon and all goes well xx 

Hi Natasha I agree with the things on Dees list but since you will probably go home with a catheter I would suggest a midi or maxi dress rather than leggings. I bought a cheap cotton jersey one it hid the catheter and did not drag it which can be uncomfortable. The facial mist was brilliant to keep fresh and cool. I had a cushion which I used on between the seat belt and my tummy in the car you will feel every bump!!!!. I had my op on the thursday afternoon and came home friday evening but everyone is different so just see how you feel. Good luck and take care x


I was in for 2 days.

Things I found essential:

  • a pair of big, not too tight knickers that will accomodate the tube from the catheter for when you go home.
  • get whoever picks you up to bring a couple of pillows for the way home to kind of wedge yourself in the car seat so you dont move about too much (you cant really brace yourself against sharp bends etc).
  • I would take some squash, as you need to drink LOADS and the water tasted pretty rank after the hundreth glass....
  • I aslo found some little bags of crisps/mini cheddars helped me battle nausea.

All the best xx


Im assuming everyone is different and everywhere is different but I had a radical hysterectomy with sentinal lymphnode dissection and transposition of ovaries. I had a vertical incision that was quite large. I was in the hospital for three days. I didnt have to take home a catheter it was removed the day I went home.

The things I brought that I found to be most helpful were my rubber birkenstocks for when I went for small walks. They encourage you to get up and moving pretty soon after the surgery. Also chewing gum helps get your bowels going again. Also, definitely pillows for the way home!


Best of Luck!

Thank you everyone 

Its all getting little bit scary now but cant wait for it all to be over x

Hi Natasha

I'm 6 week post laparoscopic hysterectomy, with vaginal cuff. I kept my ovaries to avoid surgical menopause. 

I felt great from the day after surgery. Obviously was tender and had swelly belly, which is going down now. But only needed a couple of paracetamol occasionally for pain. 

I did have to come home with a catheter for 7 days due to my bladder being a little traumatised from the opp. But it's fine now & bieng checked regularly by the bladder clinic. 

I would definitely recommend

a V shaped pillow

Peppermint tea....the gas can be very painful at times, especially after eating my evening meal I found. 

Walk about as much as you can around the house and build it up gradually. 

Make sure you have some big knickers & loose fitting clothing. 

I also followed Hystersisters online. Lots of help and advice on there. 

Good luck! Xx

Thank you everyone for the replys

I had my hysterectomy 2 weeks ago 

I'm still abit sore where my scar is but all went great hopefully that is it for me now and it's all over fingers crossed 



Really glad to hear it went well x

Glad to hear it’s gone well. I have my hysterectomy on Thursday xxxx

Glad to hear it’s gone well. I have my hysterectomy on Thursday xxxx

Hope all went well lotty speedy recovery xx

Hi Natasha

All went according to plan, thanks.

Home on Friday and recovering. Just have to wait for final pathology now.

Hope you’re recovery is going to plan?xx

Hi Ladies,

Im booked in 15/10, an im just widering what to take myself. Im thinking a normal tyoe of hospital bag with the essentails in. What sort of clothes did people wear? Im normally a legging girl so maybe these for coming home, plenty of support in them.

How did you all get on recovery wise? Did it take you long to get back to work?



I brought mahoosive pants which have been good. I also brought a nightie as I knew I’d have a catheter but I didn’t need it as I was so out of it the evening of surgery I couldn’t have changed even if I wanted too! I just wore the hospital gown and then my catheter cane out in the morning and I got showered and dressed.

My essential was peppermint tea, really for the wind pain. If it’s keyhole then your tummy is quite swollen and so leggings or stretchy trousers and loose top are good. 

I also took flip flops to come home in as I couldn’t be bothered tying laces!

I’m only 2 weeks post hysterectomy but it’s not been as bad as I thought. Main issue has been tiredness but I suspect that’s due to my body healing. I’m able to walk have done a couple of miles overall today. A bit uncomfortable in my lower abdomen but otherwise ok. I’ve been told minimum of 6 weeks off, I have a very physically demanding job so probably longer, others at my work who’ve had the same procedure have been off for up to 12 weeks. I’m hoping 8 should do it but I’ll just have to wait and see.



Like Lotty I took in massive knickers and quite a few nighties.  I had a radical hysterectomy and was in hospital for 5 nights.  The first couple I just remained in my hospital gown. I had to come home with catheter in which doesn’t get removed till Monday. Leggings and baggy elasticated trousers for on the way home.  Boiled sweets were a great help as well.

I’m still not getting about as much as I should but it is certainly getting easier each day.  Painwise I’m quite comfortable if I’m still however getting up for a seat/bed is still uncomfortable.  

My GP since me off for 8 weeks but did say that she plans on extending it so I will probably be off for 12 weeks.  Tiredness is definitely an issue.

Hope all goes well when time comes x

Hi ladies

How is everyone's recovery going? I have my pre op assessment on 9th October.

Getting very worried about it all now. Hope your all doing ok


Hi Haylesd

I remember being exactly the same,I was so nervous about it all. In fact my surgeon said on the day of the surgery she wondered if I would turn up. Mustbe been very obviously nervous!

It wasn’t as bad as I expected,the first night was tough and the worst part was probably the first 3 days. I was out of bed the next morning catheter out and home that day. I was very keen for home, I just wanted my own bed. 

You will be absolutely fine, I have no doubt. Just think after this fingers crossed it’s the end! Kick the butt if this cancer xxxx